Fiction and Fictionalism Workshop. Barcelona 12-13 September 2011.

Organized by Richard Woodward (UB) and Manuel García-Carpintero (UB).

This is the first of a series of workshops associated with the The Nature of Assertion: Consequences for Relativism and Fictionalism

Invited Speakers:

Tim Crane (Cambridge)

Anthony Everett (Bristol)

Stacie Friend (Heythrop)

Chiara Panizza (UB)

Tatjana von Solodkoff (Sheffield)

Lee Walters (UCL/Oxford)

Kendall Walton (Michigan)

Richard Woodward (UB)


Venue: the workshop will take place in the Faculty of Philosophy, Universitat de Barcelona.The workshop room is the 'Seminari de Filosofia' located on C/Montalegre 6-8, fourth floor.

No registration fee, but if interested in attending contact:


Monday 12
10.00-11.30    Stacie Friend (Heythrop):‘The Fiction in Fictionalism’
11.30-11.45    Break
11.45-13.15    Richard Woodward (Barcelona): 'Metafictionalism'
13.15-15.00    Lunch Break
15.00-16.30    Tim Crane (Cambridge):'A Feeling for Reality’
16.30-16.45    Break
16.45-18.15    Chiara Panizza (Barcelona):‘In Defence of Abstract Artefact Realism’

Tuesday 13
10.00-11.30   Tatjana von Solodkoff (Sheffield):‘Grounding Fiction’
11.30-11.45    Break
11.45-13.15    Kendall Walton (Michigan):‘Fiction, Empathy, and Phenomenal Concepts’
13.15-15.00    Lunch Break
15.00-16.30    Lee Walters (UCL/Oxford):‘In Defence of Creationism: The Metaphysics of Fictional Characters’
16.30-16.45    Break
16.45-18.15    Anthony Everett (Bristol):‘Non-Catastrophic Presupposition Failure Deflated’

Type of event: 
Mon, 2011-09-12 - Tue, 2011-09-13
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Barcelona
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