The group has a scientific committee,  an executive committee and an advisory board.

The scientific committee makes the decisions regarding the research activities required for developing the project.

The executive committee implements the decisions taken by the scientific committee.

The advisory board is constituted by the leaders of the 12 constituting groups:

G1) LOGOS-UB 1 (Relativism and Speech Acts, DGI-HUM 2006-08236)

G2) LOGOS-UB 2 (The Determination of Reference, DGI-FFI2008-04263)

G3) LOGOS-UB 3 (Semantics, Translation and Context, FFI2009-11347)

G4) LOGOS-UB 4 (Semantic Content and Context Dependence, FFI2009-13436)

G5) LOGOS-UB 5 (Vagueness and Physics, Metaphysics, and Metametaphysics, DGI-FFI2008-06153)

G6) LOGOS-UdG (Modal Aspects of Materialist Realism, DGI-HUM2007-61108)

G7) LOGOS-UB 6 (Explanation and Representation: Functional and Inherentist Approaches, DGI- FFI2008-01580)

G8) LOGOS-UB 7 (Discriminability: Representation, Belief and Skepticism, DGI- FFI2008-06164-C02-01)

G9) LOGOS-UB + UV (Applied Philosophy, DGI-HUM 2006-08236)


G11) Filosofía del Derecho UPF

G12) Filosofía del Derecho UdG