PERSP workshop on 'Space-time and the wave function'. Barcelona, 19-20 April 2013

PERSP workshop on 'Space-time and the wave function : Bohmian and quantum insights on the nature of fundamental reality'

Barcelona, 19-20 April, 2013

Organized by Albert Solé (UAB) (Albert.Solé

Sponsored by PERSP S1, GRECC and MINECO.

Venue: Residència d'Investigadors, c/Hospital 64, 08001 Barcelona.


Recently, there has been a renewed interest on the metaphysics of quantum theory and, specially, on what could it be a wave function-based ontology. As the wave function is a function of 3N spatial coordinates, some philosophers have claimed that the most elementary metaphysical lesson to be learned from quantum mechanics is that we are really living in the 3N-dimensional configuration space. From the Bohmian perspective, the range of possibilities seems to be wider, for one can either claim that only particles in 3-dimensional space are real or opt for a mixed ontology, crediting reality status to both the particles in 3-dimensional space and the wave function in configuration space. Finally, Bohmian mechanics also allows for a pure configuration space-based ontology, according to which both the universal particle and the wave function inhabit configuration space. If we are to hold some variety of configuration space realism, we are allowing a tremendous gap between the multidimensional scientific image and the 3-dimensional manifest image of our experience. So a question is in order: what does it take to cross such a gap? Is it so insurmountable that any attempt at reifying the wave function must be withdrawn? Does it make any difference in this regard whether one adopts a Bohmian standpoint or a purely quantum mechanical one? To sum up, the aim of the workshop to promote further inquiry into the nature of the wave function, assessing the consequences of wave function realism as regards the nature of space and thus attempting to provide an answer to the former and other related questions. A particular focus will be upon the metaphysical morals to be derived from Bohmian mechanics, comparing them with insights gained from other quantum theories.

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Fri, 2013-04-19 - Sat, 2013-04-20
Residència d'Investigadors, c/Hospital 64, 08001 Barcelona