WP B2: Issues in semantics - Conference Presentations & Invited Talks

Briciu, A.:

  • Compositionality and Semantic Theories at the 7th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Milan 1-6th September, 2011 and also at 7th Geneve-Barcelona Workshop,12-13th of May, 2011 Universitat de Barcelona
  • Is Compositionality a Substantial Claim or a Methodological Principle? Cerisy, La Salle, Normandie, France, conference Meaning, Context and Implicit Content, May 24th- June 1st 2011 
  • Context Dependence and Compositionality at 3rd Paris-Barcelona Picasso Workshop: New Perspectives on Relativism and Context-Dependence Universitat de Barcelona, 24-25th April, 2011

Díez, J.A. y P. Lorenzano. “Applying Structuralism: the Case of Adaptationism”. Conferencia invitada. Congreso: Perspectives on Structuralism. Munich. 16-18/02/2012

Díez, J.A. “Flogisto vs Oxígeno”. Comentario invitado. VIII Encuentro Iberoamericano sobre Metateoría Estructuralista. México. 23-26/10/2012 
Fernández, J.: ‘Memory and self-representation’, congreso Connecting Philosophy and Psychology on Episodic Memory, Université Pierre Mendès, Grenoble. Junio 2012.

Kölbel, M.:

  • 10 June 2011: “The Case for Semantic Relativism Re-Assembled”, Contexts, Perspectives, and Relative Truth, University of Bonn, Germany.
  • 12–13 December 2011: “Agreement and Communication”, Workshop on Disagreement, University of Turin, Italy.
  • 6–9 December 2011: “Expressivism about Value Judgements”, PETAF Midterm Conference, University of Aberdeen, UK.
  • 26–7 November 2012: “What does Semantics Model?”. 4th Semantic Content Workshop, University of Barcelona, Spain. 
  • 25 April 2012: “Was ist Wahrheit?”, conferencia invitada, Ringvorlesung Dichtung und Wahrheit, Universität Hamburg, Germany.
  • 9-11 April 2012: “Some Puzzles about Aesthetic Judgement and Judge-Dependence”, conferencia invitada, Aesthetic Judgement conference at University of British Columbia, Victoria, Canada.
  • 3-4 February 2012: “Agreement, Disagreement and Perspectival Communication”, conferencia invitada, Workshop on Relativism and Disagreement, Lichtenberg Kolleg, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.
  • 7–9 June 2012: “Behauptung, Konversationsstand und Fiktion”, conferencia invitada, Workshop Fiktion, Wahrheit, Interpretation, Universität Regensburg, Germany.
  • 11-15 June 2012: “The Conversational Role of Centered Contents”, conferencia invitada, Contextualism and Relativism Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Macià, J.

  • “It is not presuppositions which are cancelable”: Sixth conference of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philsophy – SEFA. Univ. de la Laguna (Spain). October. 2010.
  • “A defense of the presuppositional view of expressive meaning” ECAP-7, Milano, 1-6/September/2011
  • “It is not presuppositions which are cancelable”: Sixth conference of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philsophy – SEFA. Univ. de la Laguna (Spain). October. 2010.
  • “On the meaning of pejoratives”. European Society for Philosophy and Psychology 20th annual meeting. Londres. 28-31, Agust, 2011. 
  • “A defense of the presuppositional view of expressive meaning”. ECAP-7, Milano, 1-6/September/2011
  • Macià, J. “Expressive meaning and presupposition”. Invited talk. : International conference: Names, Demonstratives, and Expressives. Gargnano (Italy). September, 2014. 
  • “Expression, Evidence and the Gricean Account of Speaker Meaning” ESPP 2014 (22nd Meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology). Noto (Italy). September 2014.

Martí, G.: 

  • ‘Empirical Data and the Theory of Reference’. 13th INPC (Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference). Moscow, Idaho. May 2010 (invited). Also at The Actuality of Early Analytic Philosophy. University of Bucharest. June 2010 (invited), Reference. Università di Parma. September 2010 (invited), and Conference of the Sociedad Española de Filosofía Analítica. October 2010 (refereed).
  • ‘Data about usage in the theory of reference’. Joint meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology and the Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP/SPP). Montreal. July 2011 (refereed).
  • ‘Language Use and Semantic Theory’. First PLM (Philosophy of Language and Mind) Conference. Stockholm, September 2011 (invited keynote speaker).
  • 'Evidence for the Theory of Reference.' Invited talk at the Università di Torino. October 2011.
  • ‘Reference and having in mind.’ ILCLI International Workshop on Semantics, Pragmatics, and Rhetoric (SPR-11). November 2011 (invited plenary speaker).: ‘Reference and having in mind.’ ILCLI International Workshop on Semantics, Pragmatics, and Rhetoric (SPR-11). November 2011 (invited plenary speaker).
  • 'Ruth Barcan Marcus on Names and Naming.'  Invited Symposium on Ruth Barcan Marcus (Mark Richard, Stephen Yablo and Genoveva Martí). APA, Eastern Division Meeting. Atlanta, December 2012.
  • ‘Reference without cognition.’, Workshop on Reference and Proper Names. Università degli Studi di Parma. February, 2012 (invited).
  • ‘Reference without cognition.’, Meeting of the SIFA, Alghero, Italy. September 2012 (invited plenary speaker).
  • ‘Use, Reference and Experimental Data.’  APA, Pacific Division Meeting. Seattle, April 2012 (refereed).
  • ‘Semantic Theory and Empirical Data.’, Invited speaker at the Workshop on Empirical Evidence and Philosophy. Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade. May 2012.
  • ‘Semantic Theory and Empirical Data.’, Invited talk at the University of Western Ontario, London ON (Canada). October 2012.

Martínez, M. Naturalising Modal Contents, SEFA 2010 (Congreso de la Sociedad Española para la Filosofía Analítica), Tenerife. October 2010.

Predelli, S.:

  • Non Truth-Conditional Meaning and Metalinguistic Comments. PhilLang 2011 – Second International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics (plenary speaker).Lodz, Poland. May 12th. 
  • Lectures on Non-Truth-Conditional Aspects of Meaning, 12, 26, 27, 28 January 2011, Barcelona 
  • The Vagaries of Use: Context and Non Truth-Conditional Meaning. Workshop Content, Context, and Conversation. Lichtenberg Kolleg, University of Gottingen, June 23rd.
  • Non Truth-Conditional Semantics. Sense and Context. Conference and CNRS Thematic School. Centre Culturel International de Cerisy-La-Salle, France. June 1-2 (plenary speaker). June 5th.
  • 11 December 2012: “Obstinate Indexicals. Department of Philosophy”, conferencia invitada, University of St. Andrews, UK.
  • 10 December 2012: ‘Alas’. Department of Philosophy, conferencia invitada, University of St. Andrews, UK.
  • 29 September 2012: “Alice Swoons Again: An Introduction to Neo-Davidsonian Quotation”, conferencia invitada, Quotation: Perspectives from Philosophy and Linguistics, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany.
  • 14 September 2012: “Express Yourself: An Introduction to Non Truth-Conditional Meaning”, conferencia invitada, SIFA National Conference, Alghero, Italy.
  • 27 November 2012: “I Am Not so Think as You Drunk I Am; Malapropisms and Other Mistakes”, Fourth Semantic Content Workshop, University of Barcelona.

Rey, David: 11-14 June 2012: “Tense and Context-Sensitive Operators”, conferencia invitada, The annual Dubrovnik Analytic Philosophy Conference: Contextualism and Relativism, Inter University Centre Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Roca, S.:

  • ‘Cognitive requirements for counterfactual-knowledge: One semantics, two competing views’. Research(es) in Epistemology. Invited talk. Lisbon. 2011.
  • Jowett Society Talk. ‘Counterfactual Knowledge with Essentialist Blindness’. Oxford. 

Stojanovic, I.:

  • 6 January 2011: “Meaning, Context and Logical Truth”, Logic and Philosophy Today, Delhi Logic Week, New Delhi, India
  • 23 November 2011: "Perspective Adjustments in Evaluative Judgments", 2nd Congress in Linguistic and Philosophy, UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), Belo Horizonte, Brasil
  • 10 December 2011: "Value Judgments: how we express them, how we interpret them, and why we disagree", PETAF Midterm Conference, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  • 2012-June-16-18. "Value-attributions: semantics, postsemantics and pragmatics", conferencia invitada, Eidos Workshop on Truth. Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2012-April-4-7: on Alex Radulescu's "The Difference between Indexicals and Demonstratives: a Case Study", commentary, Pacific APA, Seattle, USA.
  • 2012-August-27-31: "Are there post-semantic – yet pre-pragmatic – phenomena and/or processes?", refereed conference talk, European Society for Psychology and Philosophy (ESPP) Meeting, London, UK
  • 2012-July-18-20: "Postsemantics/Prepragmatics: Widening the Semantics/ Pragmatics Boundary". conferencia invitada, IVth  LCC Workshop, Pisac, Peru.
  • 2012-June-26. "Metasemantics, Postsemantics, Prepragmatics: Widening the Semantics/Pragmatics Boundary", CPR Seminar, Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris 
  • 2012-Nov-26-27. "Postsemantics/Prepragmatics: Widening the Semantics/ Pragmatics Boundary", 4th Semantic Content Workshop, Barcelona
  • 2012-Jan-10-11. "Logical Constants and Semantic Invariance: a Challenge from Natural Language Semantics", conferencia invitada, ISLA-2012, Manipal, India.
  • 2012-Dec-13-15. "Asserting Future Contingents". PETAF Space and Time Workshop. Barcelona, Spain
  • 2012-Nov-9-10. "Emotional Disagreement", conferencia invitada, Workshop on Normative Disagreement, Leeds, UK.
  • 2012-Sept-18: "Disagreement and Retraction in Dialogue", conferencia invitada, Workshop Dialogue with Contextualism, SeineDial, Paris, Francia.
  • 2012-Sept-3-7. "Mental Files and De Re Communication", conferencia invitada, Mental Phenomena, IUC- Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  • 2012-May-31-June-1-2. "Speaking of Oneself", conferencia invitada, Centered Content and Communication, LOGOS, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2012-Dec-17. "De Se Assertion", conferencia invitada, Philosophy Department Colloquium, University of Granada, Granada, Spain  
  • 2012-April-8-9. "The Semantics of Aesthetic Judgments", conferencia invitada, Aesthetic Judgment Workshop, Victoria, Canada
Torre, S.:
  • 19–20 March 2012: “The Actual and the Merely Possible”, conferencia invitada, LOGOS-Institut Jean Nicod Workshop, Paris, France.
  • 29 February 2012: “The Actual and the Merely Possible”, conferencia invitada, Philosophy Dept, University of Nottingham, UK.
  • 27 February 2012: “The Actual and the Merely Possible”, conferencia invitada, Philosophy Dept, University of Birmingham, UK.
  • 21–22 September 2012: “Fission and Uncertainty about the Future”, conferencia invitada, Logical and Philosophical Aspects of Real Possibility Workshop, Konstanz, Germany.

Vicario I.: Invited talk:  Seminario El estudio científico y filosófico del lenguaje. (Departamento de Filosofía, Universidad de Zaragoza). Title: "Millianismo y atribución de creencia". Zaragoza, Spain. 12/04/2012.