WP S1: Space and time - Publications

Papers in Academic Journals

Correia, F. and Rosenkranz, S: ‘Presentism without Presentness’, forthcoming in Thought (submitted 24 November 2014, accepted March 2015).

Hoefer, C.: ‘Mach's Principle as action-at-a-distance in GR: the causality question’, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, published online first October 2014.

López de Sa 2012: 'What does it Take to Enter into the Circumstance?', Philosophical Studies (2012) 159:147–153, DOI 10.1007/s11098-011-9695-4,

Merlo, G. : ‘Review of Ciuni, R., Miller, K. & G. Torrengo (eds.), New Papers on the Present (Philosophia Verlag – Basic Philosophical Concepts, Munich)’, Dialectica, forthcoming.

Rosenkranz, S.:

  • (with Fabrice Correia) ‘Eternal Facts in an Ageing Universe’, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 90 (2011), 307–20. 
  • ‘In Defence of Ockhamism’, Philosophia: Philosophical Quarterly of Israel 40 (2012), 617–631. 
  • (with Fabrice Correia) ‘Return of the Living Dead: Reply to Braddon-Mitchell’, forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Metaphysics 9, 376–89 (final draft submitted 5 February 2014, proof stage since 11 October 2014).

Schulz, M.

  • 2011: “A Note on Comparative Probability” (with N. Haverkamp), Erkenntnis, available as Online First
  • 2011: “Chance and Actuality”, Philosophical Quarterly 61, 105-129

Sus, A.:

  • ‘On the explanation of inertia’, Journal for General Philosophy of Science 45 (2014), 293- 315.
  • ‘Dark matter, the Equivalence Principle and modified gravity’, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 45 (2014), 66-71.

Torre, S.
  • 2011: “The Open Future”, Philosophy Compass, 6/5 (2011), 360–373.  
  • 2010: “Tense, Timely Action and Self-Ascription”, Philosophy and Phenominological Research, 80 (2010), 112-132.
Torrengo, G. (2012): “Time and Simple Existence”, Metaphysica, 13:125–130 

Books, Reviews, Commentaries and Contributions to Books

García-Carpintero, Manuel: 2013 “Relativism, the Open Future, and Propositional Truth”, in F. Correia & A. Iacona (eds.), Around the Tree, Synthese Library, Springer 1-27.

Hoefer, C. “Time and Chance Propensities”, in The Oxford Handbook of Time (ed. Craig Callender), Oxford University Press, 2011.
López de Sa 2011: 'The Many Relativisms: Index, Context, and Beyond', in S. Hales (ed.), A Companion to Relativism, Blackwell, 102-17
Rosenkranz, S.:
  • (with Fabrice Correia) As Time Goes By: Eternal Facts in an Ageing Universe, Paderborn 2011: Mentis Verlag. 
  • ‘Realism and Anti-Realism’, in: Pritchard, D. (ed.), Oxford Bibliographies: Philosophy, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2013), http://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/obo-9780195396577/obo-...
  • ‘Determinism, Open Future and Branching Time’, in: Correia, F./Iacona, A. (eds.), Around the Tree: Semantic and Metaphysical Issues Concerning Branching and the Open Future, Synthese Library Vol. 361, Berlin 2013: Springer, 47–72
  • Rosenkranz, S.: ‘Perspectives sobre el futur obert: Ockham, Peirce i Belnap’ (‘Perspectives on the open future: Ockham, Peirce and Belnap’), Anuari de la Societat Catalana de Filosofía 25 (2014), 167–80.
  • Rosenkranz, S.: ‘In Defence of Ockhamism’, (originally published in Philosophia - Philosophical Quarterly of Israel 40 (2012), 617–31), to be reprinted in Fischer, J.M./Todd, P. (eds.), Freedom, Foreknowledge, and Fatalism, New York: Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2015, at proof stage since 2014).
Solé, A.:
  • (2012)  “Three-dimensionalist Bohmian mechanics: does Newton defeat Aristotle?” in C. Martínez Vidal, Falguera J.L., Sagüillo, J.M., Verdejo, V.M., Pereira-Fariña, M., (eds.) VII Congreso de la Sociedad de Lógica, Metodología y Filosofía de la Ciencia en España. Santiago de Compostela (España). Servicio de Publicaciones de la USC, pp. 587-594. Available here: http://dspace.usc.es/bitstream/10347/5853/3/cc2171.pdf
  • (2012): “Muchos Mundos Bohmianos”. Scientiae Studia 10(1), pp.105-136. Special issue on the Logic and Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics edited by Décio Krause and Christian De Ronde. Available here: http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?pid=S1678-31662012000100005&script=sci_a...
Hoefer, C.: ‘Consistency and Admissibility: Reply to Meacham’, in Wilson, A. (ed.), Chance and Temporal Asymmetry, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.
Torrengo, G.:
  • 2012 “Esistere” e “essere esistito” [“Existing” and “Having existed”], in Andrea Bottani and Richard Davies (eds.) “Ontologie Analitiche”, Rivista di Estetica, 49: 115-140
  • “The Metaphysics of the Thin Red Line” (with A. Borghini), in F. Correia, A. Iacona (eds.), Around the Tree, Berlin, Synthese Library, Springer Verlag: 105-125.