WP S3: Norms, values and taste - Conference Presentations & Invited Talks

Compte, C.

  • “Dehumanizing the other: objections to relativist approaches”; X SHAF International Meeting “War and Peace: Philosophical views”, University of Alicante (Task S3.4 )
  • 2012  Comments on the paper “Responsibility, conversation and communication” by George Sher (Rice University) at the International Symposium on Alternatives, Belief, and Action; University of Valencia  
Corbí, J.E:

  • 'Comment on 'Reasons-responsiveness, Agents and Mechanisms? by Michael McKenna', International SymposiumonAlternatives, Belief, and Action (Valencia, November15-16, 2012)
  • 'Comment on 'The truth in the public goods argument for sharing the costs of children' by Serena Olsaretti', 7th Nomos Meeting: WorkshoponMarriage and Family (Barcelona, 14-15 junio2012)
Fernández,J. "Memory and immunity to error", Universitat de Barcelona, October 2011.

Pérez 2011,D.I., "Expresión y Metáfora", III Encuentro hispano-argentino de filosofía analítica, Madrid, 25 al 27 de mayo 2011

Prades,J.L. 2011, ‘Rationalising without Reasons’, Workshop on perception, Action and Time, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, June 2-3, 2011 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 


  • 2011, “Virtuts intel•lectuals i llibertat de la raó”, Jornada Blasco, Universitat de València, 12 April 2011. 
  • Rossell,S. 2011, General discussant in the 6th Nomos Meeting, Symposium on Miranda Fricker’s Epistemic Injustice, Barcelona, December 1-2, 2011.
  • 2011, “The Uneasy Retributiveness of Blame and Punishment,” V Nomos Meeting – The Apology Ritual, Valencia, January 27-28, 2011.
  • 2011, “A New Moral Paradox?,” Creencia y Acción Workshop, Valencia, 14-16 April 2011. 
  • 2011, “Affect, Responsibility Attributions, and Moral Seriousness,” Moral Emotions and Intuitions Conference, The Hague, Netherlands, May 2011. 
  • 2011, “On Blame and Retribution,” ECAP, Milan, September 2011. 
  • “Comentario a ‘La intención en el intencionalismo’ de A. Bermejo”, XIII TIF – Taller d’Investigació en Filosofia, Universitat de Barcelona, January 12-14, 2011. 
  • “The Uneasy Retributiveness of Blame and Punishment,” V Nomos Meeting – The Apology Ritual, Valencia, January 27-28, 2011. 
  • 2011, “Virtuts intel•lectuals i llibertat de la raó”, Jornada Blasco, Universitat de València, 12 April 2011. 
  • 2011, “On Blame and Retribution,” ECAP, Milan, September 2011. 
  • 2011, “Creença voluntària per raons exclusivament doxàstiques?”, II Congrés Català de Filosofia, Sueca, Novembre 9-11, 2011. 

Workshops and Symposiums 2011 

 -January 2011- Second Oxford-Girona Workshop in Legal Philosophy (Universitat de Girona). Participants: John Finnis (Oxford), Paul Brady (Oxford University), Timothy Endicott (Oxford University) and Nicola Muffato (Universitat de Girona).

-March 2011– Workshop “Religión, PublicReasonandToleration” (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). Participants: Rainer Forst (University of Frankfurt) and Maeve Cooke (University College Dublin), José Luis Martí (Pompeu Fabra) and Camil Ungureanu (Pompeu Fabra).

- May 2011– Symposium on Ronald Dworkin’s Justice for Hedgehogs (Pompeu Fabra). Participants: Ronald Dworkin (New York University), José Luis Martí (Pompeu Fabra), Michael Otsuka (University College, London), Matthew Clayton (University of Warwick), Paul Bouhabib (University of Essex), Serena Olsaretti (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra), Andrew Williams (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra) and José Juan Moreso (Pompeu Fabra).

- May 2011 - Workshop "Standards of proof and scientific evidence" (Girona). Participants: Larry Laudan (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Susan Haack (University of Miami) Michael S. Pardo (University of Alabama), Ronald J. Allen (Northwestern University LawSchool), Andrés Páez (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia), MicheleTaruffo (Universitá de Pavia), Marina Gascón (Universidad de Castilla la Mancha) and Paul Roberts (University of Nottingham).

- June 2011 –Workshop on the Philosophy of Criminal Law (Pompeu Fabra). Participants: Antony Duff (Stirling University and University of Minnesota), Kimberley Brownlee(University of Manchester) José Luis Martí (Pompeu Fabra) Sandra Marshall (Stirling University), Elena Larrauri (Pompeu Fabra), and Victor Tadros (Warwick University).

- June 2011– Symposium on G.A. Cohen’s On the Currency of Egalitarian Justice,and Other Essays in Political Philosophy (Pompeu Fabra). Participants: Michael Otsuka (University College London) Hillel Steiner (Manchester University), Paul Bouhabib (University of Essex) Serena Olsaretti (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra), Andrew Williams (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra) and Paula Casal (ICREA, Pompeu Fabra).

- December 2011 - Workshop “Reconciling Multiculturalism and Feminism: New Perspectives” (Pompeu Fabra). Participants: NeusTorbisco (Pompeu Fabra), Chandran Kukathas (London School of Economics and the Political Science), Serena Olsaretti, (ICREA, Pompeu Fabra), Maleiha Malik (King's College London), Camil Ungureanu (Pompeu Fabra), Avigail Eisenberg (University of Victoria, Canada) and José Luis Martí (Pompeu Fabra).

Seminars and lectures 2011

- March 2011– Seminar by Dennis Patterson (Rutgers School of Law-Camdem, USA). Title: "Law and Truth" (Universitat de Girona).

- April 2011– The Inaugural LEAP Lecture by Michael Smith (McCosh Professor of Philosophy a Princeton University). Title: "A Constitutivist Theory of Reasons for Actions" (Universitat Pompeu Fabra).

– Seminar by Michael Baurmann (Heinrich Heine Universität). Title: "Foolish People and Rational Fools. Libertarian Paternalism or Ecological Rationality?"(Pompeu Fabra). 2011

- May 2011– Seminar by Susan Haack (University of Miami). Title:“Cracks in the Wall, a Bulge Under the Carpet: Religion, Evolution, and the [U.S.] Constitution” (Girona).

– Lecture by Thomas Pogge (Yale University). Title: "Global Poverty: description and explanation” (PompeuFabra). 2011

- June 2011– SeminarbyLarry Laudan (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). Title “On Legal Epistemology”. Six Sessions (Girona).

- November 2011– Seminar by Frederick Schauer (Unviersity of Virginia). Title: "Legal Fictions Revisited”(Universitat de Girona).

– Seminar by Collin McLeod (University of Victoria, Canada). Title."The Retreat from Educational Equality" (Pompeu Fabra) 2011

Conferences, workshops and symposia (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) 2012:

March – Book Symposium. Will Kymlicka: Zoopolis. A Political Theory of Animal Rights. Participants: Will Kymlicka (Queen's University) Sue Donaldson (independent researcher), Oscar Horta (Univ. Of Santiago de Compostela) and Alasdair Cohcrane (Univ.of Sheffield).

May – Book Symposium. Gøsta Esping-Andersen: The Incomplete Revolution  Participants: Gøsta Esping-Andersen (Univ. Pompeu Fabra) Andrew Williams (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra) and Serena Olsaretti (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra).

Workshop Biotecnología y Derecho.  Participants: Blanca Rodríguez (Univ. Complutense), Carlos Lema (Univ. Carlos III), A. Seoane (Univ. de La Coruña), José Luis Pérez Triviño (Univ. Pompeu Fabra), David Felip (Univ. Pompeu Fabra), Alberto Carrio (Univ. Pompeu Fabra)

Jun – LEAP Conference “The Authority of Global Institutions”  Participants: Andrew Williams (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra), Laura Valentini (University College London), Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona), José Luis Martí, (Pompeu Fabra), Serena Olsaretti (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra), Robert Goodin (Australian National University y Essex University), Iñigo González (Univ. de Barcelona), Allen Buchanan (Duke University), Cristina Lafont (Northwestern University), Eva Erman (Uppsala Universitet) and Samantha Besson (University of Fribourg).

October – Book Symposium. Larry Temkin: Rethinking the Good: Moral Ideals and the Nature of Practical Reasoning. Participants: Larry Temkin (Rutgers University), Ingmar Person (Oxford University) and Oscar Horta (Univ. de Santiago de Compostela).

Seminars 2012:

February: "A criminal law for citizens" by Antony Duff  (University of Stirling and University of Minnesota).

“Michael Moore On Torture, Law and Morality” by Mattew Kramer  (University of Cambridge).

"The partial (but relevant) truth of the doctrine of the double effect" by Eduardo Rivera López (Universidad Torcuato di Tella de Buenos Aires).

"What Humans Owe to Each Other: Developing the Capability Approach to Human Rights" by Pablo Gilabert professor en Conncordia University, Montreal.)

March: “If Generations were Nations" by Axel Gosseries (Louvain  University, Belgium). 

April: “Parents' Right to Exclude Others"  by Anca Gheaus profesora en la Erasmus University de Rotterdam.

June: "Climate Change and the Limits of State Consent" by  Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona). LEAP lecture

Reglas jurídicas y excepciones implíticas", a cargo de Luis Duarte, PERSP Postdoctoral Fellow at UdG.

October: "The Future of Marriage: Liberal Justice, Monogamy, and the Law" by Stephen Macedo, Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Politics at the University for Human Values of Princeton University.

November: “Where are you Really From? Ethnic Selection in Liberal States” by Adam Hosein, (University of Colorado).

Diciembre: Seminario: “Comparative Reasoning in Legal Adjudication” by Damiano Canale, profesor en la Universitat Bocconi de Milà. 

Conferences and workshops (Universitat de Girona) 2012

May: Workshop on The Rule of Law. Participants: Diego M. Papayannis (Univ. de Girona) Lorena Ramírez Ludeña (Pompeu Fabra), Jordi Ferrer Beltran (Univ. de Girona), Humberto Ávila (Univ. de São Paulo), Michele Taruffo (Univ. degli Studi di Pavia) and Riccardo Guastini (Univ. degli studi di Genova)

June: Third Jurispridence meeting between the Universities of Oxford and Girona. Participants: Nicola Muffato (Univ. de Girona), Julie Dickson (Oxford University), Grant Lamond (Oxford University), Diego M. Papayannis (Univ.de Girona). 

September: Workshop “Criterios de Atribución de Responsabilidad: entre los límites éticos y jurídicos”. Participants: Danilo Marcondes (PUC-Río), Jordi Ferrer (Univ. de Girona), Rachel Herdy (UFRJ), Carmen Vázquez (Univ. de Girona); Rachel Nigro (PUC-Río) Diego Papayannis (UdG), Pedro Chrismann (PUC-Río), Adrian Sgarbi  (Univ. de Girona) y PUC-Río), Noel Struchiner (PUC-Rio) and Sebastián Figueroa (Univ.de Girona)

December - Workshop “Tort law, morality and social justice. A celebration for the 20 years of Jules Coleman’s Risks and Wrong”. Participants: John Gardner (Oxford University), Martín Hevia (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella), Tsachi Keren-Paz (Keele University), Diego M. Papayannis (Univ. de Girona), Carlos F. Rosenkrantz (Univ. de San Andrés), Jules L. Coleman (New York University).

Seminars 2012:

March:  "Nothing Fancy: Some Simple Truths about Truth in the Law"  by Susan Haack (Universidad de Miami)        

"Pragmatism, Law, and Society: The Morals of Buck v. Bell" by Susan Haack (Universidad de Miami)

"Attachments and Related Reasons" by Joseph Raz (Oxford University) LEAP Lecture.

June: "Teoría del derecho y teoría de la decisión judicial en la obra de Michele Taruffo" by Maximiliano Aramburo (Universidad EAFIT, Colombia).

November: "Crisi dello stato di diritto (o della democrazia) e globalizzazione" by Luigi Ferrajoli

"Los hechos. Algunas precisiones conceptuales" by Rodrigo Coloma (Universidad Alberto Hurtado)