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This is the wiki of the PERSP B1 Workpackage “Issues in Metaphysics”, which focuses on indeterminacy/truthmakers/grounding. The full description of the WP is available here.

Coordinator: Dan López de Sa

PERSP Metaphysics Seminar (PMS)

One of the main activities of this workpackage is a weekly seminar, where “local” and external speakers present their work in progress, mainly on topics related to indeterminacy/truthmakers/grounding, with drafts distributed in advance, so that we devote most of the slot to extensive discussion of the pre-read material.

We meet Friday afternoons, from 15:00 to 17:00. If you'd like to participate, please get in touch with the convenor, Dan López de Sa.

Future PMS Sessions

[Provisional, changes may occur.]

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Past PMS Sessions

Past sessions are available here.

PERSP Metaphysics Blog (PMB)

PERSP Metaphysics Workshops (PMWs)

PMW1 - First PERSP Metaphysics Workshop. Barcelona 29-30 September 2011. Organized by Dan López de Sa (ICREA-UB) & Richard Woodward (UB), sponsored by PERSP B1.

PMW2 - Second PERSP Metaphysics Workshop. Barcelona 17-18 May 2012. Organized by Dan López de Sa (ICREA-UB) & Moritz Schulz (UB), sponsored by PERSP B1.

PMW3 - Third PERSP Metaphysics Workshop. València 27-28 September 2012. Organized by Dan López de Sa (ICREA-UB) & Pablo Rychter (València), sponsored by PERSP B1.

PMW4 - Fourth PERSP Metaphysics Workshop. Barcelona 16-17 May 2013. Organized by Dan López de Sa (UB) & Bryan Pickel (UB), sponsored by PERSP B1.

PMW5 - Fifth PERSP Metaphysics Workshop (joint with MoT2). Barcelona 10-11 December 2015. Organized by Delia Belleri, Dan López de Sa & Samuele Chilovi, sponsored by PERSP B1 and MoT.

Further Workshops

Workshop on Artifacts: Semantics and Metaphysics. Barcelona 3-4 May 2013. Organized by Genoveva Martí (ICREA-UB), co-sponsored by PERSP B1.

PERSP Workshop on the As and Bs in the Philosophy of Time. Barcelona 19-20 Sept. 2013. Organized by Dan López de Sa (UB) & Stephan Torre (Aberdeen), co-sponsored by PERSP B1.

GRSelona2--Gender Race, and Sexuality: Issues in Metaphysics. Barcelona 29-30 May 2014. Organized by Dan López de Sa (UB), co-sponsored by PERSP B1.


A list of publications, under consideration, and works in progress is available here.


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