Hanoch Ben-Yami

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Home institution: 
Central European University
  • Logic & Natural Language: On Plural Reference and Its Semantic and Logical Significance, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2004.
Journal Articles
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  • A Note on the Chinese Room. Synthese 95(2), 1993: 169‑72.

So far I have presented or am about to present in PETAF workshops two papers I have been working on.

1.         An account of Donkey Anaphora. I try to show why the indefinite article in conditional donkey sentences has universal force, and I also discuss a large variety of related anaphora.

2.         Rigidity. I derive something close to Kripke’s rigidity from more fundamental semantic principles (Buridan’s Law) and show that the remaining aspects of Kripke’s concept should be rejected.

Please write to me if you’re interested in these papers.