Ivan Kasa

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Home institution: 
Stockholm University

Ivan Kasa received a Magister Artium in philosophy and musicology and a Diplom in pure mathematics from Goethe University Frankfurt. His theses were dealing with Davidson’s philosophy of language and geometric 3-manifold theory, respectively. Ivan has joined the PETAF network as an Early Stage Researcher at Stockholm University with a project in metaphysics, focusing on neo-Fregean abstractionism.


Edited work:
Special Issue of Studia Logica on the Philosophy of Mathematics (co-edited with Andre Fuhrmann and Manfred Kupffer), 2010.
A Puzzle About Ontological Commitments: Reply to Ebert. Philosophia Mathematica 18 (1):102-105, 2010.
On Field's Epistemological Argument Against Platonism. Studia Logica 96, (2): 141-7, 2010.
Frege's Argument for Platonism. In:  Bruce, M. and Barbone, S. (eds): Just the Arguments. 100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell (forthcoming)