Patrick Greenough

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Senior Lecturer
Home institution: 
University of St. Andrews

Patrick is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at St. Andrews University, and is an Associate Fellow of Arché and The Northern Institute for Philosophy. For 2003-4, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the AHRC funded project Vagueness: Its Nature and Logic, at Arché. In 2007-2008 he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the ARC funded Epistemic Warrant project in the Philosophy Programme, RSSS, at The Australian National University. From September 2009 to August 2011, he will be a half-time Research Fellow at the Centre for Time, University of Sydney. He is currently the UConn Distinguished Visiting Professor for 2010.

He received his PhD from St. Andrews in 2002. Before that he taught at the University of Bristol 2000-2002. His main research interests are in the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of language, and epistemology. He has a particular interest in vagueness, the liar paradox, indeterminacy, contextualism, relativism, minimalism, realism, truth, anti-luck epistemology, self-knowledge, basic knowledge, discrimination, assertion, belief, representation, and, the nature of time.

He is currently completing a book on indeterminacy.


"Discrimination and Self-Knowledge", in D. Smithies and D. Stoljar (eds) Introspection and Consciousness, Oxford: OUP, forthcoming 2011.

"Truthmaker Gaps and the No-No Paradox", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming 2011. (.doc)

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"On what it is to be in a Quandary", Synthese, 2009, (.doc)

"Indeterminate Truth", in Truth and Its Deformities, Midwest Studies in Philosophy, vol. XXXII, pp. 213-241, edited by Peter French, 2008. (pdf)

"Contextualism about Vagueness and Higher-Order Vagueness", Proc. Aristotelian Soc., Suppl Vol., 78, July 2005.

"Vagueness: A Minimal Theory", Mind, Volume 112, Issue 446, pp. 235-281, March 2003. (pdf)

"Free Assumptions and the Liar Paradox", American Philosophical Quarterly, 38:2, pp. 115-135, April 2001. (pdf)

 (please cite published versions as .doc versions may differ)


Williamson on Knowledge, Oxford: Oxford University Press, co-edited with Duncan Pritchard, 2009.

Truth and Realism, Oxford: Oxford University Press, co-edited with Michael Lynch, 2006.





'Incoherentism’, weekly project seminar for Philosophy of Perspectival Facts and Thought, OGOS, Barcelona, 25th February 2011.

‘Truthmaker Gluts’, Metaphysical Indeterminacy Workshop, Leeds, January 2011.

‘Facts and Indeterminacy’, PETAF Workshop, Geneva, 8-9th December 2010.

‘Permissible Disagreement’, Workshop on the Nature of Disagreement, UConn, November 4th 2010.

‘Truthmaker Gluts’, workshop on Vagueness and Metaphysics, LOGOS, Barcelona, 16-17th September 2010.

‘What Price Common-Sense?’, Workshop on Composition, Constitution, and Parthood, University of Otago, NZ, June 2010.

‘What is it to Disagree?’, Workshop on Disagreement, Social Epistemology Research Group, Copenhagen, September 2009.

‘Truth-Relativism and Norm-Relativism’, Winter-School, Centre for Time, University of Sydney, 20th-21st July 2009.

‘Pluralism about Truth’, Winter-School, Centre for Time, University of Sydney, 20th-21st July 2009.

‘Knowledge for Nothing?’, Workshop on the Philosophy of Crispin Wright, ANU, July 16-17th 2009.

‘Wright on Entitlement’, Arché Basic Knowledge Workshop, St. Andrews, 13 – 14th June 2009.

‘Truthmaker Gluts’, Conference on Truth and Pluralism, University of Connecticut, May 2009.

‘Relativism, Assertion, and Belief’, Workshop for The Pragmatic Foundations of Language Project, University of Sydney, January 21st 2009.

‘Testing for Vagueness’, Workshop on The Psychology and Philosophy of Vagueness, Institute Jean Nicod, Paris, November 21st – 22nd 2008.

‘Assertion’, Epistemology Workshop, Australian National University, Kioloa Campus, NSW, Australia, 16th February 2008.

‘Contextualist Theories of Vagueness’, Pamplona Workshop on Vagueness, Navarre, June 2007.

‘Knowledge, Assertion, and Future Contingency’, Bled Conference on Epistemology, May 2007.

‘The Future’, The Edinburgh Philosophy Society, 15th February 2007.

‘Knowledge and Certainty: Reply to Stanley’, First Arché Basic Knowledge Workshop, 24th – 25th November 2006.

‘The Open Future’, Logic and Language Seminar,  University of Stockholm, 5th October 2006.

‘Contextualist Theories of Vagueness’, Final Arché Workshop on Vagueness, 3 – 4th November 2006.

‘The Open Future’, main speaker at Reasoning about Probability and Vagueness, Prague, September 5th – 8th 2006.

‘The Open Future’, Scots Philosophical Club Annual Meeting, 6th May 2006.

‘Higher-order Vagueness’, Joint Session of the Mind and Aristotelian Society, 10th July 2005.

‘Is Life a Lottery?’, Epistemology Workshop, University of Connecticut, 28th February 2005.

‘Safety, Luck, and Lotteries’, Epistemology Seminar, Brown University, 25th February 2005.

‘Truthmaker Gaps’, Truth Seminar, University of Connecticut, February 16th, 2005.

‘Truthmaker Gaps’, The ad hoc Seminar, Free University of Berlin, January 23rd, 2005.

‘Contextualism about Vagueness', Free University of Berlin, January 22nd 2005.

‘Truthmaker Gaps’, Conference on Metaphysics and Paradox, University of Leeds, 13th Nov 2004.

Commentator at Epistemological Contextualism, University of Stirling, 20th – 21st March 2004.

‘The Bearable Lightness of Knowing’, DeRose Workshop on Epistemology, Stirling, 15th March 2004.

‘From Modalism to Fallibilism’, Pre-conference for Modalism and Mentalism, Denmark, 27 – 28th January 2004.

‘From Mentalism to Fallibilism’, Pre-conference for Modalism and Mentalism, Denmark, 27 – 28th January 2004.

‘Looks’, Workshop on Vagueness, Institute of Philosophy, University of Bologna, January 2004.

‘Are We all Externalists Now? ’, NAMICONA workshop on epistemology, Kolding, Denmark, 5 – 7th December 2003.

‘Why is the (Phenomenal) Sorites so Seductive?’, First Arché Workshop on Vagueness, 1st – 2nd September 2003.

‘Logic for Liars’, Recent Thoughts about the Liar, SUNY/Buffalo, 19th October 2002.

‘Minimal Epistemology, Gettier cases, and Lucky Knowledge', The Limits of Knowledge, Berlin, 9th – 10th July 2002.

‘The Minimal Theory of Vagueness’, Workshop on Vagueness, University of Bologna, 22nd – 24th November 2001.

‘Margins for Error’, St. Andrews Reading Party, Raasay, Scotland, 25 – 27th May 2001.

‘Minimal Margins for Error’, symposium on Tim Williamson’s Knowledge and Its Limits, given at the conference The Limits of Warrant, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 18th – 20th May 2001.



‘Knowledge for Nothing?’, SEFA Workshop on the Philosophy of Crispin Wright, Barcelona, 15-17th December 2010.

‘Permissible Disagreement’, Australasian Association of Philosophy, UNSW, Sydney, July 2010.

‘Truth and Indeterminacy’, Pacific APA, San Francisco, April 2010.

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‘Truthmaker Gluts’, Australasian Association of Philosophy, Melbourne, July 2009.

‘Our Cognitive Homes’, SIFA, Bergamo, September 2008.

‘Our Cognitive Homes’, Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, July 2008.

‘The Open Future’, Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, New Zealand Division, Auckland, November 2007.

‘The Open Future’, Joint Session of the Mind and Aristotelian Society, 7th – 9th July 2006.

‘Truthmaker Gaps’, Fifth European Congress for Analytic Philosophy, Lisbon, 27th – 31st August 2005.

‘The Minimal Theory of Vagueness’, Fourth European Congress for Analytic Philosophy, Sweden, June 2002.

‘Free Assumptions’, Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, Poland, 20 - 26th August, 1999.

‘Anti-Realism and the Liar Paradox’, Logica ’99, Liblice, Czech Republic, 22 - 25th June, 1999.



‘Vagueness’, University of Brighton Philosophy Society, March 2011.

‘Permissible Disagreement’, Dublin, December 10th 2010.

‘Indeterminate Identity Defended’, UConn Logic Group, November 2010.

‘Pragmatics in Thought: the Case of Moore’s Paradox’, UConn, October 2010.

‘Pragmatics in Thought: the Case of Moore’s Paradox’, University of Singapore, July 2010.

‘Norm-Relativism’, University of Auckland, June 11th 2010.

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Phenomenal Continua’, University of Glasgow, 21st October 2003.

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Respondent for Jim Mawby's 'Heaps and Heartbeats’, Arché Graduate Conference, 4th – 6th September 2003.

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Higher-order Vagueness and the Dream of a Precise Metalanguage’, November 18 th, 2002.

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