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Work package L4: Norms, values and taste


Herman Cappelen

Reply to Lasersohn, MacFarlane and Richard (Phil. Studies), w. John Hawthorne 

Reply to Glanzberg, Soames and Weatherson (Analysis book) w. John Hawthorne 

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Pascal Engel

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Manuel García-Carpintero

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The ITN is mentioned in the acknowledgements.

Patrick Greenough


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Max Kölbel

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Dan López de Sa

‘Rigid vs Flexible Response-Dependent Properties’, in Hoeltje, Schnieder & Steinberg (eds.), Dependence, Philosophia Verlag (2013)


'What is Valuing?’

Work in progress:

‘Expressing Disagreement’

'Making Beautiful Truths'

Peter Pagin

'Information and assertoric force', in Brown, J, and Cappelen, H. (eds), Assertion, Oxford: OUP 2011, pp 97-135.

François Recanati

Journal articles

« Perceptual concepts and mental files ». Synthese 190, 2013, pp. 1841-55. (WP L3 Subjectivity and experience)

« Content, Mood, and Force ». Philosophy Compass 8, 2013, 622-32. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics (distantly) related to the L4 workpackage since it talks about force.

« Précis of Truth-Conditional Pragmatics ». Teorema Vol. XXXII/2, 2013, pp. 57-63. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

« Reply to Gauker ». Teorema Vol. XXXII/2, 2013, pp. 81-84. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

« Reply to Devitt ». Teorema Vol. XXXII/2, 2013, pp. 103-107. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

« Reply to De Brabanter ». Teorema Vol. XXXII/2, 2013, pp. 149-156. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

« Reply to Romero and Soria ». Teorema Vol. XXXII/2, 2013, pp. 175-178. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

« Mental Files : Replies to My Critics ». Disputatio Vol. V/36, 2013, pp. 207-42. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics, WP L3 Subjectivity and experience,  WP L4 Norms, Values and Tastes)

[NB. This is a special issue of Disputatio, edited by F. Salis, and containing contributions by several PETAF members.]

Book chapters

« Pragmatics », in M. Kölbel & M. Garcia-Carpintero (eds.) Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Language, Routledge, 2012, pp. 185-202. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics) [NB. Published too late for inclusion in my 2012 report, so I include it here]

(with A. Bourmayan) « Transitive Meanings for Intransitive Verbs », in L. Goldstein (dir.) Brevity, Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013, pp. 122-42. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

« Reference through Mental Files : Indexicals and Definite Descriptions», in C. Penco et F. Domaneschi (dir.) What Is Said and What Is Not, Stanford : CSLI, 2013, pp. 159-173. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

« Empty Singular Terms in the Mental-File Framework », in M. Garcia-Carpintero & G. Marti (eds.) Thinking and Talking about Nothing, Oxford : Oxford University Press, in press. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

Online Publications

« Commentary on Daniel Morgan, ‘A Demonstrative Model of First-Person Thought’ ». Vth Online Consciousness Conference. (WP L3 Subjectivity and experience)

« First Person Thought», in Anne Meylan, Julien Dutant, Arturs Logins and Davide Fassio (eds.) Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Pascal Engel, University of Geneva online publication. (WP L3 Subjectivity and experience)

(with F. Carvalho and M. Murez) « Singular Thought », Oxford Bibliographies, forthcoming Spring 2014 (WP G2 Issues in Semantics and WP L3 Subjectivity and experience)

« Force Cancellation : An Alleged Dilemma ». under review. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics)

Replies to Derek Ball, David Manley, Dilip Ninan, Andrea Onofri, Isidora Stojanovic and Neftali Villanueva, Book Symposium on ‘Mental Files’, Inquiry. (WP G2 Issues in Semantics, WP L3 Subjectivity and experience,  WP L4 Norms, Values and Tastes)

Ian Rumfitt

‘What is logic?’ In Zsolt Novák and András Simonyi, eds., Truth, Reference, and Realism (Budapest: Central European University Press, 2011), pp.123-173

‘Inference, deduction, logic’.  In John Bengson and Marc A. Moffett, eds., Knowing How: Essays on Knowledge, Mind and Action (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011), pp.333-359

Barry C. Smith

'The True Taste of a Wine?' published in Proceeding of the International Conference on Wine Active Compounds 2011, ed. David Chassagne & Regis D. Gougeon, Oenopluria Media, 2011, pp.283-6

‘Multimodality and the Senses’ in, What Concepts SHould be Better Known? Edited by John Brockman (Harper Perennial 2011)

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‘What We Mean, What We Think We Mean and How Language Suprises Us’ in E. Romero et B. Soria (eds.), Explicit Communication, London : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010 

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'Tasting Flavours', Smith, B.C, Spence, C. and Auvray, M. in New Themes in Sensory Perception, edited by D.Stokes and M.Matthen, (Oxford) forthcoming

‘The Fragility of Self-Knowledge’ in A.Coliva (ed.) Self and Self-Knowledge, Oxford : Oxford University Press forthcoming 

‘Acquired Tastes’ in The Nature of Taste, P.Boghossian and B.Smith (eds.) forthcoming 

‘Perspective: Complexities of Flavour’ in S 6 | Nature| vol 486 | 2 1 June 2012 (WP L4 and L3)

‘Empathie et perception des valuers’ in Dialogue 51 (2012), 1– 9.© Canadian Philosophical Association /Association canadienne de philosophie 2012 doi:10.1017/S0012217312000261

‘Confusing Tastes and Flavours’ with C.Spence and M.Auvray in Perception and its Modalities, eds. D.Stokes, M.Matthen, M.Falkerson Oxford University Press, forthcoming (WP L4 and L3)

'Flavour Qualities' to appear in P. Coates and S.Coleman eds, Phenomenal Qualities, Oxford University Press forthcoming. (L4 and L3)

'The Chemical Senses' in M.Matthan ed. The Oxford Handbook of Perception, forthcoming.

‘Relativism about Truth and Predicates of Taste’ in Filosofia Unisinos 13(2-supplement):250-265, oct 2012 – doi: 10.4013/fsu.2012.132(suppl).03 (WP L4 and L3)

Barry C. Smith

C, Spence, Auvray, M., Smith Barry C., ‘Confusing Tastes and Flavours’, in Stokes, D, Matthen, M and Falkerson, M eds. Perception and its Modalities, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2013)

'Taste, Philosophical Perspectives’, in Pashler, Harold, The Encyclopedia of the Mind, (San Diego, California: SAGE Publication, 2013, Online Pub. Date: March 01, 2013)

‘Wine’ in The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Aesthetics (second edition), ed M.Kelly, Oxford University Press 2014. 

‘Wine Appreciation: Snobbery or Connoisseurship’ in The World of Fine Wine, Issue 40, 2013

Isidora Stojanovic

"When (true) disagreement gives out", Croatian Journal of Philosophy 32 (2011): 181-193***

"Emotional disagreement: the role of semantic content in the expression of, and disagreement over, emotional values", submitted for a special journal issue on "Perspectives on the Nature of Value Judgments", edited by Stéphane Lemaire, submitted to Dialogue.

"On Value-Attributions: Semantics and Beyond". The Southern Journal of Philosophy 50/4 (2012): 621-38.

"Emotional Disagreement". Dialogue 51/1 (2012): 99-117.

Paula Sweeney

Work in progress:

'Tasty Metaphysics'

Crispin Wright

Forthcoming publications:

"Basic Arithmetical Knowledge" for Casullo and Thurow, eds., The A Priori in Philosophy, OUP forthcoming

Work in progress:

"Alethic Relativism and Faultless Disagreement"