Jordi Muñoz

Political Science, University of Barcelona


I am Associate Professor with tenure (Professor Agregat) at the Department of Political Science of the University of Barcelona, and Fellow at the Institutions and Political Economy Research Group. I hold an ICREA Academia Award. Currently, I am working as the director of the Public Opinion Center of the Catalan government (CEO).

Previously, I was  Ramón y Cajal research fellow (2014-19), postdoctoral researcher (Juan de la Cierva) at the Democracy, Elections and Citizenship Research Group (UAB, 2010-14). I hold a PhD from  Pompeu Fabra University (2009). I have also been visiting researcher at the University of Gothenburg (2012) and Yale University (2007-08).


Research Interests

My research interests are related to political behavior and comparative politics. I conduct experimental research on political preferences, and quantitative observational research on political behavior and historical political economy (HPE).

New Master in Institutions and Political Economy

The Master in Institutions and Political Economy (MIPE) is a research-oriented program at the intersection of Political Science and Economics, with a historical perspective of institutional and political change. It is a joint initiative of the Political Science, Economics and Economic History Departments at the University of Barcelona.



My teaching is mostly related to political methodology and political behavior. I teach an undergraduate class on political science methods, and a masters class on comparative politics. I also often teach quantiative methods.

Centre d'Estudis d'Opinió

In november 2021 I was appointed director of the Public Opinion Center of Catalonia (Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió). We run public opinion surveys on politics, social attitudes and public policy. All data we produce are publicly available, and can be retrieved from R using the CEOdata package. The codes used to design the sample, produce weights, visualize the results and produce estimation of election results are available at our github repository. You can also propose questions and experiments to be run in our surveys.