Jordi Muñoz

Political science. University of Barcelona



I am Associate Professor (Professor Agregat) at the Department of Political Science of the University of Barcelona, and Fellow at the Institutions and Political Economy Research Group. I hold an ICREA Academia Award. Previously, I was  Ramón y Cajal research fellow at the UB (2014-19), postdoctoral researcher (Juan de la Cierva) at the Democracy, Elections and Citizenship Research Group (UAB), and Phd student at the Pompeu Fabra University, where I graduated in 2009. I have also been visiting researcher at the University of Gothenburg (2012) and Yale University (2007-08).

My broad research interests are related to political behavior and comparative politics. I teach research methods and political behavior.

POLEXP Network

I am the coordinator of the POLEXP Experimental Political Science Research Network, that aims to foster coordination and academic exchange among research groups working in experimental political science.

Among others, we co-organize the  Barcelona-Gothenburg-Bergen Workshop on Experimental Political Science. The 6th edition will take place in Bergen, May 2020.

ICREA Academia Award

I have recently been awarded with an ICREA Academia grant for research intensification for the 2020-25 period.

Recent publication

Unexpected Event during Survey Design: Promise and Pitfalls for Causal Inference, with Albert Falcó and Enrique Hernández, Political Analysis 2019