Jordi Muñoz

Political science. University of Barcelona




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Some of the papers in which I am currently working are:

  • Female enfranchisement and turnout:
    • Labor Unrest, Political Activation and Female Participation upon Enfranchisement. With Francesc Amat, Carles Boix and Toni Rodon.
    • Social class and marital status: Explaining the gender turnout gap upon enfranchisement in Sweden (1921-1940), with Zsuzsanna Magyar and Carles Boix
  • Electoral consequences of terrorism
    • Multiple UESD evidence on terrorism and elections (with Albert Falcó-Gimeno and Roberto Pannico)
  • Social Capital, corruption and accountability. (with Pilar Sorribas-Navarro)
  • Authoritarian Legacies in Contemporary Radical Right Voting in Spain (with Francesc Amat)