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Universitat de Barcelona
Campus de Bellvitge

C/ Feixa Llarga s/n
08907 L'Hospitalet de Ll.

Teléfono: 93 402 42 49
Fax: 93 402 42 49


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Ricardo Pérez Tomás

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Titular d'Universitat de Biologia Cel.lular


Phone: +3493 4024288

Selected Recent Publications

Multidrug resistance: retrospect and prospects in anti-cancer drug treatment.

Perez-Tomas R.

Curr Med Chem. 2006;13(16):1859-76. Review.

Proteomic analysis of prodigiosin-induced apoptosis in a breast cancer mitoxantrone-resistant (MCF-7 MR) cell line.

Monge M, Vilaseca M, Soto-Cerrato V, Montaner B, Giralt E, Perez-Tomas R.

Invest New Drugs. 2006 Apr 5; [Epub ahead of print]

Cell cycle arrest and proapoptotic effects of the anticancer cyclodepsipeptide serratamolide (AT514) are independent of p53 status in breast cancer cells.

Soto-Cerrato V, Montaner B, Martinell M, Vilaseca M, Giralt E, Perez-Tomas R.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2005 Dec 19;71(1-2):32-41. Epub 2005 Nov 18.

Non-apoptotic concentrations of prodigiosin (H+/Cl- symporter) inhibit the acidification of lysosomes and induce cell cycle blockage in colon cancer cells.

Castillo-Avila W, Abal M, Robine S, Perez-Tomas R.

Life Sci. 2005 Nov 26;78(2):121-7. Epub 2005 Aug 29.

Eye regeneration assay reveals an invariant functional left-right asymmetry in the early bilaterian, Dugesia japonica.

Nogi T, Yuan YE, Sorocco D, Perez-Tomas R, Levin M.

Laterality. 2005 May;10(3):193-205.

DNA interaction and dual topoisomerase I and II inhibition properties of the anti-tumor drug prodigiosin.

Montaner B, Castillo-Avila W, Martinell M, Ollinger R, Aymami J, Giralt E, Perez-Tomas R.

Toxicol Sci. 2005 Jun;85(2):870-9. Epub 2005 Mar 23.

High cytotoxic sensitivity of the human small cell lung doxorubicin-resistant carcinoma (GLC4/ADR) cell line to prodigiosin through apoptosis activation.

Llagostera E, Soto-Cerrato V, Joshi R, Montaner B, Gimenez-Bonafe P,Perez-Tomas R.

Anticancer Drugs. 2005 Apr;16(4):393-9.

AT514, a cyclic depsipeptide from Serratia marcescens, induces apoptosis of B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells: interference with the Akt/NF-kappaB survival pathway.

Escobar-Diaz E, Lopez-Martin EM, Hernandez del Cerro M, Puig-Kroger A,Soto-Cerrato V, Montaner B, Giralt E, Garcia-Marco JA, Perez-Tomas R, Garcia-Pardo A.

Leukemia. 2005 Apr;19(4):572-9.

Mitochondria-mediated apoptosis operating irrespective of multidrug resistance in breast cancer cells by the anticancer agent prodigiosin.

Soto-Cerrato V, Llagostera E, Montaner B, Scheffer GL, Perez-Tomas R.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2004 Oct 1;68(7):1345-52.

The role of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) and type beta transforming growth factor (TGF-beta 1-beta 2-beta 3) during rat craniofacial development.

Garcia-Molina JA, Vallespi-Miro G, Greco-Machado Y, Perez-Tomas R,Ustrell-Torrent JM, Carvalho-Lobato P, Belmonte-Calderon AM, Serra-Renom I,Manzanares-Cespedes MC.

Bull Group Int Rech Sci Stomatol Odontol. 2003 May-Dec;45(2-3):66-78. Review.

Prodigiosin induces apoptosis by acting on mitochondria in human lung cancer cells.

Llagostera E, Soto-Cerrato V, Montaner B, Perez-Tomas R.

Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2003 Dec;1010:178-81.

The prodigiosins, proapoptotic drugs with anticancer properties.

Perez-Tomas R, Montaner B, Llagostera E, Soto-Cerrato V.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2003 Oct 15;66(8):1447-52. Review.

Prodigiosin induces apoptosis of B and T cells from B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Campas C, Dalmau M, Montaner B, Barragan M, Bellosillo B, Colomer D, Pons G, Perez-Tomas R, Gil J.

Leukemia. 2003 Apr;17(4):746-50.

Effects of the proapoptotic drug prodigiosin on cell cycle-related proteins in Jurkat T cells.

Perez-Tomas R, Montaner B.

Histol Histopathol. 2003 Apr;18(2):379-85.

The prodigiosins: a new family of anticancer drugs.

Montaner B, Perez-Tomas R.

Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 2003 Feb;3(1):57-65. Review.

Prodigiosin induces caspase-9 and caspase-8 activation and cytochrome C release in Jurkat T cells.

Montaner B, Perez-Tomas R.

Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2002 Nov;973:246-9.

Peptide dendrimers based on polyproline helices.

Crespo L, Sanclimens G, Montaner B, Perez-Tomas R, Royo M, Pons M, Albericio F, Giralt E.

J Am Chem Soc. 2002 Jul 31;124(30):8876-83.

The cytotoxic prodigiosin induces phosphorylation of p38-MAPK but not of SAPK/JNK.

Montaner B, Perez-Tomas R.

Toxicol Lett. 2002 Mar 24;129(1-2):93-8.

Activation of protein kinase C for protection of cells against apoptosis induced by the immunosuppressor prodigiosin.

Ramoneda BM, Perez-Tomas R.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2002 Feb 1;63(3):463-9.

Transforming growth factor-alpha precursors in human colon carcinoma cells.

Asbert M, Montaner B, Perez-Tomas R.

Dig Dis Sci. 2001 Jun;46(6):1157-62.



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