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Caracterització material d'obres d'art 

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 LA-ICP/MS analysis of Man with letter

The research is focused on the material characterization of artworks and it includes two main lines:

                          • Development of specific instruments for the analysis of cultural heritage objects
                            • Remote Mid- infrared spectroscopy.
                            • Laser Ablation coupled to ICP/MS.
                            • Integrated molecular and atomic remote spectroscopic systems (XRF-UV/VIS/NIR)).
                          • Development of specific studies related to issues of interest in the field of cultural heritage objects: painting, manuscripts, and sculptures.
                            • Painting characterization, study of degradation processes.
                            • Conservation treatments for degraded manuscripts. 
                            • Illuminated manuscripts studies. 
                            • Restoration treatments studies.
                            • Ethnological objects studies.
                            • Metal.lic sculptures analysis and dating.
The group collaborated with several National and International Museums and Institutions to carry on the different studies.

 Group Members: Héctor Bagán and Georgios Magkanas

specific studies related to issues of interest in the field of cultural heritage objects


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