Kernel estimation of single-index models for motor insurance claim severity

Data and R programming

Catalina Bolancé, Ricardo Cao & Montserrat Guillén

This page presents data and R programmes from the paper Flexible maximum conditional likelihood estimation for single-index models to predict accident severity with telematics data .
These data are inspired by a subsample of a real data set from an insurance company collected in 2011.

Data description

Name Definition
Cost cost per claim in thousands of euros
Age age in years
Agelic number of years holding a driving licence
Agecar age of car in years
Parking a binary indicator equal to 1 if car is parked in a garage overnight and 0 otherwise
Tkm annual distance driven in thousands of kilometres
Nightkm percentage of kilometres driven at night
Urbankm percentage of kilometres driven on urban roads
Speedkm percentage of kilometres driven above the speed limit


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