Revista Historia Industrial

Fundada en 1992 por Jordi Nadal

Revista de Historia Industrial is a scientific journal edited by the Department of Economic History and Institutions of the University of Barcelona, and publishes three issues a year (within the first two weeks of March, July and November). Its field of interest is determined by the speciality that gives its name, although its open to other themes or subject matters related to economic and business history. Furthermore , it attends to any chronology or territory, paying a special attention to Spain, the rest of Mediterranean countries and Latin America during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The journal is also abided to the pairs revision system, and appears in the social sciences publications index and in Thompson_Reuters (ISI) since 2009.

Lengthways of twenty years of existence it has become a Spanish discipline´s reference and a meeting point for European and Latin American investigators interested in Business and Industrial Activities history. The edition of monographs (four titles up to now) and the celebration of international biannual meetings determine the Journal´s intellectual proposals.

With its new web page, La Revista de Historia Industrial pretends to increase and widen the intellectual relation that is periodically kept between suscriptors and readers. RHI becomes from now on , a permanent vehicle of communication between investigators and everyone interested in the study of Industrial and Business history. For this purpose, there´s a permanently updated whole information guide at your disposal including classic texts, database, statistics , graphics(figures) and audiovisual tools, latest publications reviews, current issues , events listing and all kind of information that could be relevant or interesting in order to enrich the knowledge that the journal is focused on(field of interest).

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La Revista de Historia Industrial mejora posiciones en el ranking de la FECYT

La Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) ha actualizado y publicado la segunda edición del ranking de visibilidad e impacto de las revistas científicas de Humanidades y Cienc [ ... ]

La RHI en JCR 2019

En la edición 2019 de JCR ha conseguido un factor de impacto de 0.392, situandose en el 3r cuartil de la categoría History y en el cuarto de las categorías de Business, Economics y History of Socia [ ... ]

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En la edición 2018 de JCR, la Revista de Historia Industrial ha conseguido un factor de impacto de 0.617, situandose en el 2º cuartil de las categorías History y History of Social Sciences.

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La Revista de Historia Industrial obtiene un factor de impacto de 0,212 en el Journal Citation Reports 2015.

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