Revista Historia Industrial

Fundada en 1992 por Jordi Nadal

From the 39th issue (first quarter 2009) RHI is included in the following databases ISI (Institute of Scientific Information): Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A & HCI) and Current Contents Connect (CCC ), Arts and Humanities. All are available on the ISI Web of Knowledge de Thomson Reuters.

Since the 2011 edition, the Journal of Citatition report evaluates the impact factor of the Journal of Industrial History.

The Revista de Historia Industrial has an impact factor of 0.290 in the Journal Citation Reports Edition 2014 (third quartile in the categories "History" and "History of Social Sciences").

In June 2013 the FECYT has renewed Sello de Calidad after pass the assessment of 12 indicators being rated as EXCELLENT.

Also, the articles published in the Revista de Historia Industrial are reviewed and summarized in Econlit (electronic database Journal of Economic Literature), Historical Abstracts, America: History and Life, Base de datos ISOC and Catálogo Latindex.


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