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SCOR award to telematics revolution

noviembre 24th, 2016|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Nov. 16 2016: SCOR Iberian award to "The telematics revolution. How to price automobile insurance per kilometre driven?" by Jean-Philippe Boucher, Steven Coté (both from UQÀM, Québec) and Montserrat Guillen, Ana M. Pérez-Marin (UB Riskcenter) . The prize was given by the jury to the contribution to the innovation in risk and insurance products in a new digital


octubre 10th, 2016|Categories: Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Oct. 6 2016: The Spanish Association of Risk Managers hold a workshop at UB on "Post Brexit forum: what the risks?" with participants from over 30 uinternational companies based in Barcelona. The speakers were D. José Mª Areliza, Profess and Chairholder of the Jean Monnet Chair – ESADE and D. Francesc Granell Trías, Emeritus Professor of International

Riskcenter researchers awarded XIII Edad&Vida Higinio Raventós prize

octubre 5th, 2016|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Sep. 29 2016: During the annual dinner of Fundació Edad&Vida, the researcher of UB Riskcenter received the prize for a study on "Strategies for Managing Savings after Retirement". This analysis will consider pay-out schemes around the world. Comparisons will be made for Spain, USA, Japan, Latinamerican and European countries. One of the outputs is the design of personalized guides to assess retired

Big data for insurance

septiembre 10th, 2016|Categories: Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Arthur Charpentier (Université du Québec, Université de Rennes I) talks on big data and predictive modeling for actuarial science and risk management The lecture can be followed via streaming. A limited number of seats is available at UB (Sala de graus) for interested participants. Contact:

Actuarial Day 2016

septiembre 8th, 2016|Categories: UBZurich|

March 18, 2016: UBZurich Chair celebrated the "Actuarial Day 2016", an event where the students of the Master in Actuarial Science from UB had the opportunity to attend the closing session of the third edition of "The Challenge Program” with participants from the Master program. The event was opened by Mr. Carlos Esteban (Director of

Workshop on Economic Assessment on Bodily Injuries in Motor Claims

junio 10th, 2016|Categories: Noticies-RISKCENTER, UBZurich|

The Workshop on Economic Assessment on Bodily Injuries in Motor Claims was held as part of the Barcelona Insurance and Risk Management Summer School 2015, organized by Riskcenter at UB. More than 40 participants attended the sessions on law reforms in Spain. More information can be provided about the event.

Arelly Ornelas defended her PhD Thesis

junio 10th, 2016|Categories: Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Jul. 17 2015: Arelly Ornelas, PhD in Statistics, defended her thesis on mortality and longevity for insured populations in Mexico. External members of the jury were Prof. Ana Debon (UPV) and Prof. Monica Becue (UPC). She proposed ways to address unisex lifetables. Related implementations in R can be found here .

Jaume Belles-Sampera defended his PhD Thesis.

junio 10th, 2016|Categories: Noticies-RISKCENTER, UBZurich|

Jaume Belles-Sampera, PhD in Business, defended his thesis on quantitative risk assessment, aggregation functions and capital allocation problems. External members of the jury were Prof. Jose Maria Sarabia (Univ. Cantabria), Prof. Jan Dhaene (Univ. Leuven, KUL) and Prof. Andreas Tsanakas (City University London). He proposed ways to identify attitudes in new risk measures. Implementations in

Riskcenter-UB research group receives a visiting delegation from Indonesia

junio 10th, 2016|Categories: Sin categoría|

Delegates of the CMRS Indonesia (Center for Risk Management Studies) visit Riskcenter-UB to discuss approaches to risk management. The visit is part of a benchmarking exercise by the Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA) based in Singapore. It provides an opportunity for a group of Indonesia Risk Management professionals to get an exposure to Enterprise Risk

Royal Academy of Economics and Finance new numerary member

junio 10th, 2016|Categories: Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Prof. Montserrat Guillén is named Numerary Academic of the Royal Academy of Economics and Finance. She gave the acceptance lecture "Risk and Insurance in Economics" where she highlighted the singularity of this field of study and the need to enforce econometrics, the part of economics that develops statistical models, into a new era where big