PhD in Statistics on the joint modeling of health insurance


September 26, 2017: Xavier Piulachs Lozada-Benavente defended his
thesis. Jury members were Drs. Jordi Ocaña (president), Lupe Gómez-Melis
(Universitata Politècnica de Catalunya) and Cécile Proust-Lima
(Université de Bordeaux,). Dr. Piulachs is now moving forward to a
post-doc position at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), he
was supervised by Drs. Ramon Alemany and Montserrat Guillen.

The thesis proposes new methods for the analysis of joint models when
the longitudinal process is a count. There is an extension to deal with
excess-of-zeros. The empirical analyses discusses the case of a health
insurance data set Dr. Piulachs has pubished his results in several peer
reviewed jounals like PloSOne and SORT-Statistics and Operations
Research Transactions, as well as in Kybernetes and Advances in
Intelligent Systems and Computing. He has benefited with extensive
collaboration with Dimitris Rizopoulos (Erasmus University).