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Round table: How to promote long-term saving among millennials

abril 19th, 2017|Categories: UBZurich|

 How to promote long-term saving among millennials   May 9 2017: Tuesday, May 9th, the round table conducted by Clara Armengol (Director of Bancsabadell Pensions) will take place in classroom 112 of the Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Barcelona-UB), from 19.30h to 21h.   The experts participating on the round table are

Actuarial Day 2017

marzo 21st, 2017|Categories: UBZurich|

March 17, 2017: UBZurich Chair celebrated the “Actuarial Day 2017”, an event where the students of the Master in Actuarial and Finance Science from UB had the opportunity to attend the closing session of the fourth edition of “The Challenge Program” with participants from the Master program. Session outline The event was opened by

Prof. Tim Boonen, University of Amsterdam visits Riskcenter

febrero 20th, 2017|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Tim gave a seminar on  "Modeling and forecasting mortality with economic growth: a multi-population approach". He reviewed the existing literature on mortality modeling of multiple populations, which focuses mainly on extrapolating the past mortality trends and summarizes these trends by one or more common latent factors. In his paper, they propose a multi-population stochastic mortality

Kick-off: The Challenge Project (Fourth Edition)

febrero 7th, 2017|Categories: UBZurich|

Feb. 07 2017: On Tuesday, February 7th, the Kick-off of the 4th edition of the Challenge Project (year 2017) took place in classroom 109 of the Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Barcelona). The experts from Human Resources and Underwriting GI of Zurich Spain are in charge of this new activity. 18 students of

M. Santolino presented his book on the actuarial profession, a comparative analysis on how to get qualified as an actuary

enero 26th, 2017|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Session outline The event was opened by Mercedes Sanz, chair of Insurance and Pensions in Fundacion Mapfre. After, Gregorio Gil de Rozas, president of the Institute of Spanish Actuaries-IAE, spoke about the legal protection of the actuarial profession in Spain. Then, Eduardo Sánchez, general assistant director of actuarial function in Mapfre, spoke about the opportunities