Associate professor

Coordinator of the Educational Innovation Group in Applied Statistics

Ana Maria Perez-Marin is associate professor of actuarial statistics at the University of Barcelona and member of the research group Riskcenter. She holds a MSc in Actuarial Science and a PhD in Business Studies. Her research interests are related to actuarial statistics, survival analysis and marketing in insurance.

Recent papers:

Guillén, M., Nielsen, J. P., Scheike, T. and Pérez-Marín, A. M. (2012) «Time-varying effects in the analysis of customer loyalty: a case study in insurance» Expert Systems with Applications, 39, 3551-3558.

Guillén, M.; Nielsen, J.P.; Pérez-Marín, A.M.; Petersen, K. (2012) «Performance measurement of pension strategies: a case study of Danish life cycle products» Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, 1, 49-68.

Guelman, L., Guillén, M. and Pérez-Marín, A.M. (2014) «Uplift Random Forests», Cybernetics & Systems, accepted.

Gerrard, R., Guillén, M., Nielsen, J. P. and Perez-Marin, A. M. (2014) «Long-run savings and investment strategy optimization,» The Scientific World Journal, accepted.


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