UBZurich Chair main objective is to promote education, research and technology transfer in the fields of actuarial science and finance, and in particular in the field of risk management.

The Chair is organized in three areas of development with functions specifically assigned to each of them:

1.- Education and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
2.- Research.
3.- Transfer of Technology.


To promote the knowledge and high level education for experts in the field of Actuarial Sciences and Finance, in order to build career paths for professional actuaries and risk managers, to the acquisition of technical skills and to deliver professional development to fill critical gaps in technical knowledge.

To collaborate in maintaining continuing education (CE) compliance in insurance companies. To develop custom courses or seminars that meet specific professional development needs in the field of interest of the Chair: UB-IL3 Institute of Lifelong Learning

To design business games in the context of Actuarial Science and Risk Management.

To organise conferences and seminars in the field of the Actuarial Science and Risk Management.


To promote Working Papers addressing topics related to the UBZurich Chair interests

To organize the UBZurich Chair Annual Guest Lecture.

To co-organization of the Summer School in collaboration with UBriskcenter.

To design a visiting professors program in order to attract talent and to invite top academics.

To promote UBZurich Chair Research Grants.

OBJECTIVES IN THE AREA OF TOT – Transfer Of Technology

To offer assessment to insurance companies in innovation and development (technical and scientific knowledge transfer), as well as information on research project calls for public-private joint interests.

To develop UBZurich Chair seminars for technological dissemination in the insurance sector.