Working Papers at UBZurich Chair. In order to promote research Working Papers addressing topics related to the UBZurich Chair interests are welcome and will be publicized.

A Visiting Professors Program seeks excellence when attracting the best academics in the field of insurance research.

Professor Edward W. (Jed) Frees seminar on «Analytics of Insurance Markets»
Photo Feb. 9, 2016: Professor Edward W. (Jed) Frees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, gave a lecture in the Zurich Insurance Spain Group headquarters. Zurich staff attended to the conference. During the lecture entitled “Analytics of Insurance Markets”, professor Frees taught an overview of the Insurance Analytics, explaining why it is a relevant issue in the daily activity of the insurance company and decision making. He illustrated the conference with numerous examples related to different areas (risk management, pricing, reserving, IT, etc.). He stressed the importance of big data analysis in the insurance field.


UBZurich Chair Annual Guest Lecture. A leading academic in the area of interest of UBZurich Chair is invited to present his research to a wide audience of actuaries and insurance professionals.

Summer School in collaboration with UBriskcenter. Each year, three courses are offered by UBriskcenter as part of the Barcelona Risk and Insurance Summer School programme. Past guest lecturers include Jean Lemaire, Jean K. Kwon, Emiliano Valdez, Katrien Antonio, Leonid Gavrilov, Stephen Vanduffel, Constantin Zopounidis, Raimond Maurer and Dimitris Karlis, among many others.

Calls for UBZurich Chair Research Grants are launched regularly as part of the activities to promote high quality research.

Announcement of Research Grant 2014. The UBZurich Chair announces the 2014 research grant. All studies must focus on issues related to portfolio management in insurance companies.
The Chair will award one grant of 3.800 euros. The deadline for submission of applications is November 10, 2014 (inclusive). The details of the grant, as well as a description of the application process can be found in the guidance notes.