MSc in Economics graduates of 2017 go on to do a PhD or take up positions in internationally renowned firms

Antonio Haro is now a PhD student at the University of Kent.

Antonio Haro is now a PhD student at the University of Kent.

The 2017 cohort of MSc in Economics graduates have gone on to do research at PhD level at top international institutions or have taken up positions in globally renowned firms. Some of our alumni choose to do a PhD at the University of Barcelona or elsewhere. This is the case of Antonio Haro, who has begun his doctoral research at the University of Kent. Other graduates choose to work in the non-academic sector, such as Jannick Blaschke and Franziska Dietrich, who have joined the Directorate General Statistics of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the R&D consultancy for science and technology Bax & Company.

We have discussed with them about their experience at the University of Barcelona and their future after the graduation and we got lots of insights. “My new job at the ECB is extremely interesting and I enjoy working together with people from around the world”, said Mr. Blaschke. “I am very happy to have found a job like mine straight after finishing the master’s”, explained Ms. Dietrich about her new

Jannick Blaschke works at the European Central Bank (ECB).

Jannick Blaschke works at the European Central Bank (ECB).

position at Bax & Company. On the other hand, Mr. Haro has expressed his enthusiasm about continuing his research career at a foreign institution.

Now that they all have finished the MSc in Economics, they remember their time at the UB School of Economics as “two very tough years full of hard work, but very rewarding”, said Ms. Dietrich. “I am amazed how much I learned during this two years about economics and research techniques”, she added. Mr. Haro confesses that during these two years he has been able to “enhance my professional network with people that share my personal and research interests”. He also expects “fruitful interactions” with them in the future.

The three agree that the international atmosphere in class is one of the strengths of the programme. According to Ms. Dietrich, “with classmates from all around the world economic discussions got much more interesting”. “I really enjoyed the international atmosphere in my class”, said Mr. Blaschke, while Mr. Haro explained that the two-year experience at the UB School of Economics was “amazing”, not only because of “the skills that I have developed, but also because I could get involved in an international environment in which I felt quite comfortable”.

“Having studied at the UB certainly increased my chances of accessing PhD studies, as the abilities I gained made me feel well prepared to submit a competitive application. Furthermore, I received a large support from the research department”, highlighted Mr. Haro. Although he is not in the academia anymore, Mr. Blaschke explains that “I am still in touch with my two supervisors, as we might publish my master thesis in a scientific journal”.

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