Daniel Albalate

PhD in Economics 2008, Universitat de Barcelona, MSc in Economics, University College London

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Working Papers


Weakening political connections by means of regulatory reform: Evidence from contracting out water services in Spain

Albalate, D.; Bel, G.; González-Gómez, F.; Picazo-Tadeo, A. (2017)

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How Much Vertical Integration? Contractual Choice and Public-Private Partnerships in the United States

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Review of Industrial Organization,  51, 1, 25-42

Road safety determinants: Do Institutions Matter?

Albalate, D.; Yarygina, A.(2016)

International Journal of Transport Economic, 2017

Winners and Losers in Toll Motorway Renegotiations: an empirical evaluation of the Spanish Pioneers

Albalate, D.; Bel-Piñana, P. (2016)

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The impact of curbside parking regulation on garage demand

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High-tech employment and transportation: Evidence from the European regions

Albalate D, Fageda X (2016)

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Entry regulation asymmetries and gasoline competition in a mixed motorway network

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The determinants of contractual choice for private involvement in infrastructure projects

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Competition and cooperation of High-Speed rail and Air Transportation services in Europe

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Journal of Transport Geography, 42, 166-174

Tropezando dos veces con la misma piedra: Quiebra de autopistas de peaje y costes para contribuyentes y usuarios

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Competition and cooperation between high-speed rail and air transportation services in Europe

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Beyond pure public and pure private management models: Partial privatization in the European airport industry

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The Road Against Fatalities: Infrastructure spending vs. Regulation?

Albalate D, Fernández L, Yarygina A (2013)

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Recovery risk and labor cost in public-private partnerships: contractual choice in the US water industry

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Joint versus Single Management of Large Transport Infrastructures, Ocean and Coastal Management

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Beyond the efficiency-equity dilemma: Centralization as a determinant of government investment in infrastructure

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Institutional determinants of military spending

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Governance and regulation of urban bus transportation: Using partial privatization to achieve the better of two worlds

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Motorways, tolls and road safety: evidence from Europe

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High-Speed Rail: Lessons for Policy Makers from Experiences Abroad

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Speed limit laws in America: The role of geography, mobility and ideology

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Cuando la economía no importa: auge y esplendor de la alta velocidad en España

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Shifting Death to Their Alternatives: The Case of Toll Motorways

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What shapes local public transportation in Europe? Economics, mobility, institutions, and geography

Albalate A, Bel G (2010)

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Tourism and urban public transport: Holding demand pressure under supply constraints

Albalate D, Bel G (2010)
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Motorcycle injury severity in Barcelona: the role of vehicle type and congestion

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Privatization and Regulatory Reform of Toll Motorways in Europe

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What Local Policy Makers Should Know About Urban Road Charging: Lessons From Worldwide Experiences

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Regulating concessions of toll motorways: An empirical study on fixed vs. variable term contracts

Albalate D, Bel G (2009)

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 43(2), 219-229

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