Ramon Alemany

PhD in Economics, Universitat de Barcelona

ralemany@ub.eduPersonal webpage

Working Papers


Combining Parametric and Non-Parametric Methods to Compute Value-At-Risk

Alemany, R.; Bolancé, C.; Guillén, M.; Padilla-Barreto; A. (2016)

Economic Computation And Economic Cybernetics Studies And Research, 50 (4), 61-74

Joint Modelling of Survival and Emergency Medical Care Usage in Spanish Insureds Aged 65+

Piulachs X, Alemany R, Guillen M (2016)

PLoS One, 11(4), e0153234

Impact of road traffic injuries on disability rates and long-term care costs in Spain

Alemany R, Ayuso M, Guillén M (2013)

Accident Analysis and Prevention, 60, 95-102

Sistema público de dependencia y reducción del coste individual de cuidados a lo largo de la vida

Bolancé C, Alemany R, Guillén M (2013)

Revista de Economia Aplicada, 21(1), 97-117

A nonparametric approach to calculating value-at-risk

Alemany R, Bolancé C, Guillén M (2013)

Insurance Mathematics and Economics, 52(2), 255-262