Marc Badia

PhD in Economic History 2008, Universitat de Barcelona Institutional webpage Personal webpage

Working Papers


Growth and Regional Disparities in South America, 1890-1960

Badia-Miró, M.; Nicolini, E.A.; Willebald, H. (2018)

Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 49 (1), 117-139

Chilean trade 1880-1930: A comment onthe sources for the Age of Exports

Badia-Miró, M.; Díaz-Bahamonde, J. (2018)

Revista de Historia Económica

Natural Resources Curse in the Long Run? Bolivia, Chile and Peru in the Nordic Countries’ Mirror

Ducoing, C.; Peres-Cajias, J.; Badia-Miró, M.; Bergquist, A.K.; Contreras, C.; Ranestad,K.; Torregrosa, S. (2018)

Sustainability,  10 (4), 965

Geography, policy, or productivity? Regional trade in five South American countries, 1910-50

Badia-Miró, M.; Carreras-Marín, A.; Meissner, C.M. (2018)

Economic History Review

Nuevas series anuales de población de América Latina desde el siglo XIX hasta el 2000

Yáñez C, Rivero R, Badia-Miró M, Carreras A (2014)

Scripta Nova-Revista Electronica de Geografia y Ciencias Sociales, 18, 471

Vine-growing in Catalonia: the main agricultural change underlying the earliest industrialization in Mediterranean Europe (1720–1939)

Badia-Miró M, Tello E (2014)

European Review Of Economic History, 18(2), 203-226

New Evidence on Regional Inequality in Iberia (1900–2000) A Geographical Approach

Fabregat D. A. T, Badia-Miró M (2014)

Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, 47(4), 180-189

Regional Incomes in Portugal: industrialization, Integration and Inequality, 1890-1980

Badia-Miró M, Guilera J, Lains P (2012)

Revista de Historia Económica/Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 30(2), 225-244

El consumo de automóviles en América Latina y el Caribe, 1902-1930

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El Trimestre Económico, 78(310), 317-342

The grape philloxera plague as a natural experiment: the upkeep of vineyards in Catalonia (Spain), 1858-1935

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Centrality and investment strategies at the beginning of industrialisation in mid-nineteenh-century Catalonia

Badia-Miró M, Blasco Y, Lozano S, Soler R (2010)

Business History, 52(3), 493-515