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Working Papers


Delusions of success: Costs and demand of high-speed rail in Italy and Spain

Beria, P; Grimaldi, R.; Albalate, D.; Bel, G. (2018)

Transport Policy, 68 (September), 63-79

Policy stringency under the European Union Emission Trading System and its impact on technological change in the energy sector

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Beyond privatisation and cost savings: alternatives for local government reform

Bel, G.; Hebdon, R.; Warner, M. (2018)

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Evaluation of the impact of Bus Rapid Transit on air pollution in Mexico City

Bel, G.; Holst, M. (2018)

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These rules are made for spending: Testing and extending the law of 1/n

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Privatization, contracting-out and inter-municipal cooperation: New developments in local public service delivery

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Climate change mitigation and the role of technological change: Impact on selected headline targets of Europe’s 2020 climate and energy package

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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 82, 3, 3798-3807

Weakening political connections by means of regulatory reform: Evidence from contracting out water services in Spain

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Myopic PPPs: Risk allocation and hidden liabilities for taxpayers and users

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How Much Vertical Integration? Contractual Choice and Public-Private Partnerships in the United States

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What have we learnt after three decades of empirical studies on factors driving local privatization?

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The impact of socioeconomic characteristics on CO2 emissions associated with urban mobility: Inequality across individuals

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Public and private production in a mixed delivery system: regulation, competition and costs

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Public and private production in a mixed delivery system: regulation, competition and costs

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Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 35 (3), 533-558

Social welfare analysis of investment public-private partnership approaches for tansportation projects

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Factors explaining inter-municipal cooperation in service delivery: a meta-regression analysis

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Effects of unit-based pricing on household waste collection demand: a meta-regression analysis

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Cost benefit analysis of various California renewable portfolio standard targets: is a 33% RPS optimal?

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Inter-municipal cooperation and costs: Expectations and evidence

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The enviromental effects of changing speeds limits: A quantile regression aproach

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The determinants of contractual choice for private involvement in infrastructure projects

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Competition and cooperation of High-Speed rail and Air Transportation services in Europe

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Tropezando dos veces con la misma piedra: Quiebra de autopistas de peaje y costes para contribuyentes y usuarios

Albalate D, Bel G, Bel-Piñana P (2015)

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Competition and cooperation between high-speed rail and air transportation services in Europe

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Does cooperation reduce service delivery costs? Evidence from residential solid waste services

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High-speed rail accessibility: A comparative analysis of urban access in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Madrid, and Barcelona

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Mixed and Hybrid Models of Public Service Delivery

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Beyond pure public and pure private management models: Partial privatization in the European airport industry

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The dynamics of privatization and regulation of water services: A comparative study of two Spanish regions

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Why do municipalities cooperate to provide local public services? An empirical analysis

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Public-Private Partnerships: Infrastructure, Transportation, and Local Services

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Recovery risk and labor cost in public-private partnerships: contractual choice in the US water industry

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Joint versus Single Management of Large Transport Infrastructures, Ocean and Coastal Management

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Estimating potential long-haul air passenger traffic in national networks containing two or more dominant cities

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Beyond the efficiency-equity dilemma: Centralization as a determinant of government investment in infrastructure

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Institutional determinants of military spending

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Governance and regulation of urban bus transportation: Using partial privatization to achieve the better of two worlds

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Motorways, tolls and road safety: evidence from Europe

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High-Speed Rail: Lessons for Policy Makers from Experiences Abroad

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Speed limit laws in America: The role of geography, mobility and ideology

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La reforma del modelo de gestión de aeropuertos en España: ¿Gestión conjunta o individual?

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Big Guys Eat Big Cakes: Firm Size and Contracting in Urban and Rural Areas

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The first privatisation policy in Latin America: selling state-owned enterprises in 1948-1950 Puerto Rico

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Infrastructure and nation building: The regulation and financing of network transportation intrastructures in Spain (1720–2010)

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Cuando la economía no importa: auge y esplendor de la alta velocidad en España

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¿Por qué se privatizan servicios en los municipios (pequeños)? Evidencia empírica sobre residuos sólidos y agua

Bel G, Fageda X, Sangrá M. M (2010)

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Intercontinental flights from european airports: Towards hub concentrarion or not?

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Choosing between service fees and budget funding to pay for local services: Empirical evidence from Spain

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Partial privatization in local services delivery: An empirical analysis on the choice of mixed firms

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Empirical analysis of solid management waste costs: Some evidence from Galicia, Spain

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Privatization, regulation and airport pricing: An empirical analysis for Europe

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Is Private Production of Public Services Cheaper Than Public Production? A Meta-Regression Analysis of Solid Waste and Water Services

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Similar problems, different solutions: Comparing refuse collection in the Netherlands and Spain

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Against the mainstream: Nazi privatization in 1930s Germany

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What shapes local public transportation in Europe? Economics, mobility, institutions, and geography

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Tourism and urban public transport: Holding demand pressure under supply constraints

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Preventing competition because of “solidarity”: Rhetoric and reality of airport investments in Spain

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Privatization and Universal Service Obligations

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What Local Policy Makers Should Know About Urban Road Charging: Lessons From Worldwide Experiences

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Regulating concessions of toll motorways: An empirical study on fixed vs. variable term contracts

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