Eva Boj del Val

PhD in Finance and Actuarial Science 2003, Universitat de Barcelona

evaboj@ub.edu Institutional webpage Personal webpage

Working Papers


Global and local distance-based generalized linear models

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TEST, 25, 170-195

Wald test and distance-based generalized linear models. Actuarial application

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Distance-based local linear regression for functional predictors

Boj E, Delicado P, Fortiana J (2010)

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 54, 429-437

Interaction Terms in Distance-Based Regression

Esteve A, Boj E, Fortiana J (2009)

Communications in Statistics Part A-Theory and Methods, 38, 3498-3509

Projection Error Term in Gower’s Interpolation

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Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 139, 1867-1878