Joan Calzada

PhD in Economics 2003, Universitat de Barcelona, MSc in Economics, University College London

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Working Papers


Community-Managed Water Services: The Case of Peru

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How to achieve full electrification: Lessons from Latin America

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La liberalización de las telecomunicaciones en España: objetivos europeos versus intereses nacionales

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Pricing strategies and competition in the mobile broadband market

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Broadband prices in the European Union: competition and commercial strategies

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Competition and Public Service Obligations in European Aviation Markets

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Intertemporal Movie Distribution: versioning When Customers Can Buy Both Versions

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Discounts and Public Service Obligations in the Airline Market: Lessons from Spain

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Governance and regulation of urban bus transportation: Using partial privatization to achieve the better of two worlds

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Selection of standards for digital television: The battle for Latin America

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Access Charges and Two-tier Pricing

Calzada J (2009)

Journal of Regulatory Economics, 35, 296-311

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Joan Calzada

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