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Working Papers


Bilingual schooling and earnings: Evidence from a language-in-education reform

Cappellari, L.; Di Paolo, A. (2018)

Economics of Education Review, 64, 90-101

Your Language or Mine? The Non-Communicative Benefits of Language Skills

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Economic Inquiry

Job Accessibility and Job-Education Mismatch in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona [Early View]

Di Paolo, A.; Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L. (2016)

Papers in Regional Science, Early View

Misusing our talent? Overeducation, overskilling and skill underutilisation among Spanish PhD graduates

Di Paolo, A.; Mañé, F. (2016)

Economic and Labour Relations Review, 27 (4), 432-452

(Endogenous) occupational choices and job satisfaction among recent Spanish PhD recipients

Di Paolo, A. (2016)

International Journal of Manpower, 37 (3), 511-535

Job Accessibility and Job-Education Mismatch in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

Di Paolo A, Matas A, Raymond J L (2016)

Papers in Regional Science

Returns to Foreign Language Skills in a Developing Country: The Case of Turkey

Di Paolo A, Tansel A (2015)

Journal of Development Studies, 51(4), 407-421

School composition effects in Spain: accounting for intercept and slope effects

Di Paolo A, Choi A (2014)

Hacienda pública española, (210), 57-83

A new proposal to gauge intergenerational mobility: educational mobility in Europe as a case study

Di Paolo A, Raymond J. L, Calero J (2013)

Social Indicators Research, 114, 947-962

Parental Background and Educational Opportunities: Evidences across Cohorts for Italy and Spain

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Revista de Economia Aplicada, 20(58), 119-146

Language Knowledge and Earnings in Catalonia

Di Paolo A, Raymond J. L (2012)

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Knowledge of catalan, public/prívate sector choice and earnings: Evidence from a double sample selection model

Di Paolo A (2011)

Hacienda Pública Española, 197(2), 9-35

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