Albert Solé-Ollé

PhD in Economics 1999, Universitat de Barcelona, MA in Public Finance and Economic Analysis, Instituto de Estudios Fiscales Personal webpage

Working Papers


Does Electoral Competition Curb Party Favoritism?, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Marta Curto-Grau; Albert Solé-Ollé; Pilar Sorribas-Navarro (2018)

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, En prensa

Does electoral competition curb party favoritism?

Curto-Grau, M; Solé-Ollé, A.; Sorribas-Navarro, P. (2017)

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

‘Ghost citizens’: Using notches to identify manipulation of population-based grants, Journal of Public Economics

Foremny, D.; Jofre-Monseny, J.; Solé-Ollé, A. (2017)

Journal of Public Economics,  154, 49-66

Trust no more?. On the lasting effects of corruption scandals, European Journal of Political Economy

Solé-Ollé, A.; Sorribas-Navarro, P. (2017)

European Journal of Political Economy

‘Ghost citizens’: Using notches to identify manipulation of population-based grants

Foremny, Dirk; Jofre-Monseny, Jordi; Sole-Olle, Albert, (2017)

Journal of Public Economics,  154, October, 49-66

Information and choice of residential care provider for older people: a comparative study in England, the Netherlands and Spain

Trigg, L.; Kumpunen, S.; Holder, J.; Maarse, H.; Solé, M.; Gil, J. (2017)

Ageing & Society, First View

Do political parties matter for land use policies?

Solé-Ollé A, Viladecans-Marsal E (2013)

Journal of Urban Economics, 78, 42-56

Inter-regional redistribution through infrastructure investment: tactical or programmatic?

Solé-Ollé A (2013)

Public Choice, 156(1-2), 229-252

Does fiscal decentralization foster regional investment in productive infrastructure?

Kappeler A, Solé-Ollé A, Stephan A, Välilä T (2013)

European Journal of Political Economy, 31, 15-25

Pork-barrel politics in semi-democracies: The Spanish “Parliamentary roads,” 1880-1914

Curto-Grau M, Herranz-Loncán A, Solé-Ollé A (2012)

Journal of Economic History, 72(3), 771-796

Lobbying, political competition and local land supply: recent evidence from Spain

Solé-Ollé A, Viladecans-Marsal E (2012)

Journal of Public Economics, 96(1-2), 10-19

The dynamic adjustment of local government budgets: does Spain behave differently?

Solé-Ollé A, Sorribas-Navarro P (2012)

Applied Economics, 44, 3203-3213

Which communities should be afraid of mobility? The effects of agglomeration economies on the sensitivity of employment location of local taxes

Jofre-Monseny J, Solé-Ollé A (2012)

Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42(1), 257-268

Productivity and financing of regional transport infrastructure

Solé‐Ollé A, Stephan A, Valilä T (2012)

Papers in Regional Science, 91(3), 481-485

Corruption scandals, voter information, and accountability

Costas-Pérez E, Solé-Ollé A, Sorribas-Navarro P (2012)

European Journal of Political Economy, 28(4), 469-484

Tax differentials and agglomeration economies in intraregional firm location

Jofre-Monseny JSolé-Ollé A (2010)

Regional Studies, 44(6), 663-677

Does urban sprawl increase the cost of providing local public services? Evidence from Spanish municipalities

Hortas Rico M, Solé-Ollé A (2010)

Urban Studies, 47(7), 1513-1540

Las prioridades sociales de gasto en Obra Social de las Cajas de Ahorro: Estimación a partir de la aplicación de un “juego presupuestario”

Esteller A, Giménez J. J, Solé-Ollé A (2009)

Hacienda Pública Española/Revista de Economía Pública, 191(4), 43-72

Road Investment and Regional Productivity Growth: the Effects of Vehicle-Intensity and Congestion

Montolio D, Solé-Ollé A (2009)

Papers in Regional Science, 88, 99-118

The effects of partisan alignment on the allocation of intergovernmental transfers. Differences-in-differences estimates for Spain

Solé-Ollé A, Sorribas-Navarro P (2008)

Journal of Public Economics, 92(10), 27-56

The regional allocation of infraestructure investment: the role of equity, efficiency and political factors

Solé-Ollé A, Castells A (2005)

European Economic Review, 49(5), 1165-1205

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