Countries in the project

This project is developed by a well balanced consortium covering a great amount of the UE member states and neighbouring countries. The partners in SEARCH do also cover different ranges of cultural, economic, environmental, religious and social situations, making the whole consortium being balanced in terms of participation of different partners, creating all the influence needed in a project of these characteristics. Next table shows the multidisciplinary background of the project.

Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, UK, Austria,France, Hungary, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Marrocco, Greece, Russia, Serbia, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestine Authority, Lebanon, Cyprus, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Israel, Turkey. This table shows the variety of territories involved in the project; but even this geographical diversity. It can be said the consortium covers the whole magnitude of differences existing within UE and its neighbour countries. It is definitely a well balanced, multidisciplinary, with a large countries coverage, cooperation achiever and stakeholders involving consortium.