University of Cady Ayyad (UCAM, FSJES)


The University of Cady Ayyad was born in 1978. Currently, it has 12 buildings established in 2 regions of the country, Marrakech Tenssift and Abda Doukkala. It covers 4 City Universities; Marrakech, Kalaa des Sraghna, Essaouiri and Safi.

The Faculty in charge of the project development will be the Faculty of Judicial, Economic and Social Sciences in Marrakech. The aim of this Faculty is the development of judicial, economic and social education programmes and research. With this aim, the Faculty develops three missions: education, research, culture and information.  Considering the global cultural  and scientific activities in parallel to the courses and work practices, the Faculty also assures specific trainings like seminars, stays and/or workshops, conferences, etc according to the requirements of Public Insitutions and Economic and Social organisations. The Faculty promotes and supports the researchers reflection (professors, students,…)  in the judicial, political, administrative, economic and social. This mission is materialised witht the redaction of Faculty publications, reports, doctoral thesis, etc.

The Faculty of Judicial, Economic and Social Sciences has an important activity in cooperation with other research organisations in other countries like: France, Spain, Italy, Egypt and Tunisia. Some examples of this cooperation are:

  • Participation in the MED-CAMPUS and AURELF – UREF programme, cooperation programmes funded by the European Union.
  • The network REMEDE made up by the Law Faculty of Marrakech, The University of Lauvain (Brussels) and the Research Group in Qauntitative and Econometry (G.R.Q.E – Marseille).
  • GRERBAM International: the Summer University of the Medierranean Area.

Also UCAM-FSJES has specific cooperation agreements with other Universities like: GREQE, University of Perpignan, University of Toulouse, University of d’Aix Maseille II; University of Montpelier, CEDIMES-Paris, GREQAM-Marseille, CREAM-Montpellier and the University of Chouaib Doukkali.