LUH Team is going to conduct a specific firm survey

The LUH team is going to conduct a specific firm survey within the WP2 and WP5 of the SEARCH Project. The objective of the survey is to provide comparative, task-specific micro data of the survey countries by covering the central themes of the both work packages, namely location choices, institutional environment, business culture, human capital and skills development.  The survey is going to be carried out in Ukraine, where there is already an established subcontracting partner, Kiev National Economic University, and in one of the other ENP states, possibly Morocco. Around 900 firms, both domestic and foreign firms from the EU, will be surveyed from two or three regions of the above countries.

The building blocks of the questionnaire for the survey are planned to be: fact sheet, location choices and patterns, business environment, impact of FDI, human capital and skills development. Moreover, firm-level qualitative case studies will be selected from the top European investors (from the EU-15 and from the EU-12) operating in the ENP states, specifically those in the Eastern Europe region and the Mediterranean region in order to gain comparative qualitative insights into the determinants of the location decisions in the areas with special reference to the role of intangible assets.

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