Main target audience

The dissemination actions envisaged in the project will address 4 main target audiences:

  • The general public in EU member states and target countries.
  • Policy Makers – Regional, national, European and NC public administration/institutional practitioners: the main objective of the SEARCH project is elaborate relevant and valuable policy recommendations, that will be used by public practitioners working in different areas related to ENP, for the alignment and improvement of future design and implementation of ENP policies, programmes and actions at public level. A Final Policy Guide, reviewed by Partners, Aboard and rewritten by a professional dissemination firm will be published
  • Civil Society Organizations – Socio-cultural and economic stakeholders working on ENP: they constitute the stakeholders that have a closer knowledge on the European Neighbourhood Policy more direct implementation through the promotion of different actions and events for cross-border-cooperation, such as NGO, foundations, in the sectoral promotion of companies (chambers of commerce, sectoral associations), etc.
  • Scientific community at EU and NC level: the research results achieved in the project, will contribute to identify “hot topics and fields in ENP” that will constitute a roadmap for future investigation in ENP and EU-NC relations improvement, establishing the lines that should be further investigated by future projects and studies to improve the future research on NC.