Basin Evolution and Sedimentary Models

Currently working on:

  • Sedimentary, biological and structural evolution of the intra-plate rift basins of the Iberian Chain (Conca del Maestrat), Catalànids (Garraf) and the Eastern Pyrenees during the Upper Jurassic-Cretaceous stage.
  • Evolution of the Barremian-Aptian rifting in NE Iberia: depositional systems, accommodation and extensive synsedimentary deformation.
  • Dating of the Albian post-rift succession of the Conca del Maestrat.
  • Basin analysis of the Eocene-age mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic succession of the Ebro basin (Vic-Girona).
  • Analysis of the sequential stratigraphy, facies architecture and petrology of the Oligo-Miocene Basins of the Prebetic, Penedès and the Ebro Delta. Interpretation of the eustatic, tectonic, climatic, oceanographic and biological factors that controlled their deposition, as well as obtaining palaeoecological models of the carbonate-producing species preserved in these rocks.
  • Analysis of the sequential stratigraphy, facies architecture, petrology and age of the Messinian and Pliocene succession of the Agua Amarga Basin and the Cabo de Gata Natural Park (Almería).

Researchers involved:

Telm Bover Arnal

Anna Travé

Carles Martín Closas

Carles Ferràndez Cañadell

Josep Sanjuan

Sergio Álvarez Parra

Luis Gibert

Juan Diego Martín Martín

Elisabet Playà

Irene Cantarero

Enrique Gómez Rivas

Josep Maria Salvany

Fco. Javier García Veigas

Xavier Delclòs

Aixa Tosal

Vinyet Baqués

Vinyet Baqués

Victoriano Pineda

Pedro Ramirez

Gabriel Cofrade

Eloi González Esvertit