Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

Currently working on:

  • Diagenesis controlled by folds and faults in orogenic and rifting systems: implications in geothermal resources and CO2 storage.
  • Analysis of sedimentology, fracturing and cementation in captured CO2 reservoir analogues.
  • Studies of the CO2 storage capacity according to the emissions and properties of the reservoirs, both globally and regionally.
  • Creation of databases of potential geological reservoirs in sedimentary rocks for Geo-Energy applications (captured CO2, hydrogen, compressed air, etc.).
  • Systematic relationships between the depositional and diagenetic characteristics of sedimentary rocks and their petrophysical properties (structural, thermal and acoustic).
  • Analysis of the influence of diagenetic processes on the sealing capacity of cap rocks.
  • Studies of mechanical stratigraphy and fluid circulation through fracture zones in carbonate, siliciclastic and evaporite rocks.
  • Prediction of controls on the distribution of critical elements (e.g., Lithium) in sedimentary rocks.
  • Study of geothermal reservoir analogues.

Researchers involved:

Enrique Gómez Rivas

Irene Cantarero

Anna Travé

Pedro Ramírez

Juan Diego Martín