Evaporite Formations

Currently working on:

  • Sedimentological, petrological, and geochemical study of the evaporite basins of Lorca, Granada, Campo Coy, Hellín and Baza (Upper Miocene-Pleistocene).
  • Study of the Messinian evaporite basins of Polemi and Mesaoria (Xipre).
  • Study of the Lower Segura, Sorbas, Nijar, Vera and Tabernas (Almeria) Messinian basins.
  • Petrological and geochemical study of the Messinian evaporite record of the island of Zakhyntos (Greece).
  • Study of the evaporitic cyclicity.
  • Study of current models of evaporite precipitation in the lakes of Laguna de Fuente de Piedra (Málaga), Salinas (Alacant), Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni, Coipasa and Pastos Grandes) and Maryon lake (Australia).
  • Study of the Messinian lake record in Tugen Hills (Kenya).
  • Application of petrological characterisation and stable isotopes (δ34S, δ18O) to the study of the provenance of sculptural alabaster.
  • Study of the contents in microplastics and microfibres and of the chemical compositions of the table salts.
  • Sedimentological, petrological and geochemical study of the Catalan Central Eocene marine basin. Basal anhydrite and chloride units.
  • Study of the mechanisms of the formation of fibrous veins of gypsum, using examples from the Baza and Ebro basins.
  • Creation and calibration of full-field numerical simulation methods of deformation and recrystallisation of evaporite rocks, as well as of the diffusion of trace elements.

Researchers involved:

Elisabet Playà

Lluís Gibert

Fco. Javier García Veigas

Josep Maria Salvany

David Artiaga

Victoriano Pineda