Geofluids and Carbonate Rocks

Currently working on:

  • Diagenesis controlled by folds and faults in orogenic and rifting systems.
  • Diagenesis and fluid circulation during Alpine-Southern Pyrenean deformation: reservoir compartmentalisation.
  • Interactions between deformation and geofluids in extensive tectonic regimes.
  • Characterisation of the Casablanca karst, Offshore Tarragona. Integrating sounding and seismic data.
  • Diagenetic evolution of the Jurassic carbonate platforms of the High Atlas (Morocco) and their relationship with salt diapirs.
  • Depositional, diagenetic and structural controls in the formation of the Conca del Maestrat dolomites.
  • Study of the distribution of stylolites in different carbonate facies and their controls on the permeability of the rocks.
  • Development of artificial intelligence methods for mapping diagenetic alterations.
  • Silicification of the Pliocene carbonates that fill the Camp dels Ninots maar (La Selva Basin).
  • Study of the diagenetic micriticization (chalky) of the Miocene platform carbonates of the Conca del Penedès.
  • Study of the formation mechanisms of hydrofractures and fluid circulation dynamics at cortical scale.

Researchers involved:

Telm Bover Arnal

Anna Travé

Carles Martín Closas

Carles Ferràndez Cañadell

Luis Gibert

Juan Diego Martín Martín

Elisabet Playà

Irene Cantarero

Enrique Gómez Rivas

Josep Maria Salvany

Fco. Javier García Veigas

Aixa Tosal

Vinyet Baqués

Pedro Ramirez

Gabriel Cofrade

Eloi González Esvertit