Paleobiology and Biostratigraphy of Continental Environments

Currently working on:

  • Holistic study of the Mesozoic amber deposits of western Thetis and Proto-Atlantic. Causes of their formation, paleobiological content and paleoecology.
  • Entomophilous pollination of gymnosperms and angiosperms during the Cretaceous. Processes and evolution.
  • Taxonomy, palaeoecology and evolution of the Cretaceous and Cenozoic charophyte flowers.
  • Paleobiogeography of Cretaceous and Palaeogene charophytes and their implication in intercontinental biostratigraphic correlations.
  • Taphonomy, paleoecology of plants. Palaeoenvironmental models in the Carboniferous, Cretaceous and Cenozoic.
  • Palaeoecology of the peri-Mediterranean Neogene basins: Vallès-Penedès and Ebre (Catalonia and Aragon), Ilgin and Yalvaç (Central Anatolia, Turkey) and (Bekaa, Lebanon) from microfossils (carophytes, ostracods and gastropods).
  • Collaboration in projects in the Rift Valley (Ethiopia and Kenya) and Bolivia to establish relationships between the evolution of hominids (Africa) or mammals (Bolivia) and climatic changes during the Pliocene and Upper Miocene respectively.
  • Geology and palaeontology of the Lower Pleistocene vertebrate site of Cova Victòria (Cartagena, Murcia).
  • Management and conservation of palaeontological heritage.

Researchers involved:

Xavier Delclòs

Carles Martín Closas

Carles Ferràndez Cañadell

Josep Sanjuan

Anna Travé

David Peris

Sergio Álvarez Parra

Lluís Gibert

Victoriano Pineda