Florencia González Brizuela

PhD in Law and Political Sciences from the Universitat de Barcelona

Florencia Brizuela González holds a PhD in Law and Political Science from the Universitat de Barcelona. She studied a Master’s in Citizenship and Human Rights and a Master’s in International Studies, both at the Universitat de Barcelona. Her lines of research are Human Rights, feminisms, antiracism and the rights of women.

She teaches courses and seminars on indigenous fights in Latin America, feminisms, interculturality, antiracism and intersectionality. She is a member of the editorial committee of Oxímora, Revista internacional d’Ètica i Política, coordinated by Dr. José Antonio Estévez, as well as a member of the Filosofia i Gènere Seminar of the University of Barcelona and the Grupo de Investigación Consolidad Área de Derecho Internacional Público y Relaciones Internacionales.

She is a member of Adhesiva, espai de trobada i acció, where she trains groups before they become part of the Human Rights Observation Squads in Chiapas, Mexico, and of the Casa Iberoamericana de la Mujer. These workshops teach the different types of violence that women face in migratory processes.

She is coauthor of the book Descentrar la mirada para ampliar la visión. Reflexiones en torno a los movimientos sociales desde una perspectiva feminista antirracista (Premi Descontrol, 2018) and a participant of the collective work Acá soy la que se fue. Relatos sudakas en la Europa fortaleza (Tictac, 2019).