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Joaquim Roé
Martí Lahoz

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Seminari de Geometria Algebraica 2018/2019 imatge de diagramació
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ARCADES Doctoral School II and ESR Days 3 a 7 de setembre, IMUB
Constantin Shramov
Steklov Math Inst & NRU HSE
Moscou, Rússia

ignasi.mundet at
Automorphisms of Kaehler manifolds I will survey various results about finite groups acting by automorphisms and birational automorphisms of Kaehler manifolds. I will show that in many cases such groups enjoy the Jordan property, similar to subgroups of general linear groups.
The talk is based on joint works with Yu. Prokhorov.
Divendres 7 de setembre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Martín Sombra
The zero set of the independence polynomial of a graph In statistical mechanics, the independence polynomial of a graph G arises as the partition function of the hardcore lattice gas model on G. The distribution of the zeros of these polynomials when G→∞ is relevant for the study of this model and, in particular, to the determination of its phase transitions. In this talk, I will review the known results on the location of these zeros, with emphasis on the case of rooted regular trees of fixed degree and varying depth k ≥ 0. Our main result states that for these graphs, the zero sets of their independence polynomials converge as k→∞ to the bifurcation measure, in the sense of DeMarco, of a certain family of dynamical systems on the Riemann sphere.
This is ongoing work with Juan Rivera-Letelier (Rochester)
Divendres 28 de setembre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Alberto F. Boix
Ben-Gurion U. of the Negev
Beer-Sheva, Israel

szarzuela at
A Characteristic Free Approach to Finite Determinacy Finite determinacy for mappings has been classically thoroughly studied in numerous scenarios in the real and complex-analytic category and in the differentiable case. It means that the map-germ is determined, up to a given equivalence relation, by a finite part of its Taylor expansion. The equivalence relation is usually given by a group action and the first step is always to reduce the determinacy question to an “infinitesimal determinacy”, i.e. to the tangent spaces at the orbits of the group action.
The goal of this talk is to formulate a universal approach to finite determinacy in arbitrary characteristic, not necessarily over a field, for a large class of group actions; along the way, we introduce the notion of “pairs of (weak) Lie type”, which are groups together with a substitute for the tangent space at the unit element, such that the group is locally approximated by its tangent space, in a precise sense. This construction may be regarded as a sort of replacement of the exponential/logarithmic maps and is of independent interest. In this generality we establish the “determinacy versus infinitesimal determinacy” criteria, a far reaching generalization of numerous classical and recent results, together with some new applications.
The content of this talk is based on joint work with Gert–Martin Greuel (Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany) and Dmitry Kerner (Ben–Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)
Divendres 5 d'octubre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Roberto Gualdi
U. Bordeaux - UB - CRM

sombra at
Height of cycles in toric varieties We present in this talk some relations between suitable heights of cycles in toric varieties and the combinatorics of the defining Laurent polynomials. To do this, we associate to any Laurent polynomial f with coefficients in an adelic field two families of concave functions on a certain real vector space: the upper functions and the Ronkin functions of f. For the choice of an adelic semipositive toric metrized divisor D, we give upper bounds for the D-height of a complete intersection in a toric variety in terms of the upper functions of the defining Laurent polynomials. In the one-codimensional case, we prove an exact formula relating the D-height of a hypersurface to the Ronkin function of the associated Laurent polynomial, generalizing the well-known equality for the canonical case. Our approach involves mixed integrals, Legendre-Fenchel duality and other notions from convex geometry.
Divendres 19 d'octubre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Francisco Presas
ICMAT, Madrid

ignasi.mundet at
Homotopy type of the space of smooth embeddings of \(\Large{\mathbb{S}}^1\) in \(\Large{\mathbb{R}}^4\) via Engel geometry. We introduce the space of horizontal embeddings for the standard Engel distribution in the Euclidean 4-space. We prove that the space of smooth embeddings of the circle into R⁴ is simply connected (classical result), by checking that the space of horizontal embeddings has homotopy type very related to the space of smooth embeddings (they are related by an h-principle). We extend the method to sketch the computation of the \(\pi_2\) of that space showing that is Z\(\oplus\)Z (more modern result). We finally comment on work in progress further generalizing the techniques by using Manifold calculus to try to compute the whole homotopy type of this space.
This is joint work with E. Fernández and X. Martínez-Aguinaga.
Divendres 26 d'octubre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Pedro D. González Pérez
ICMAT - UCM, Madrid

adefelipe at
The valuative tree is a projective limit of Eggers-Wall trees Consider a germ C of reduced curve on a smooth germ S of complex analytic surface. Assume that C contains a smooth branch L. Using the Newton-Puiseux series of C relative to any coordinate system (x,y) on S such that L is the y-axis, one may define the Eggers-Wall tree ΘL(C) of C relative to L. Its ends are labeled by the branches of C and it is endowed with three natural functions measuring the characteristic exponents of the previous Newton-Puiseux series, their denominators and contact orders. The main objective of this paper is to embed canonically ΘL(C) into Favre and Jonsson's valuative tree of real-valued semivaluations of S up to scalar multiplication, and to show that this embedding identifies the three natural functions on ΘL(C) as pullbacks of other naturally defined functions on the valuative tree. As a consequence, we prove an inversion theorem generalizing the well-known Abhyankar-Zariski inversion theorem concerning one branch: if L' is a second smooth branch of C, then the valuative embeddings of the Eggers-Wall trees ΘL'(C) and ΘL(C) identify them canonically, their associated triples of functions being easily expressible in terms of each other. We prove also that the valuative tree is the projective limit of Eggers-Wall trees over all choices of curves C. Joint work with Evelia García Barroso and Patrick Popescu-Pampu.
Divendres 9 de novembre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Joana Cirici
A Dolbeault cohomology theory for almost complex manifolds In this talk I will survey recent joint work with Scott Wilson which extends Dolbeault cohomology to all almost complex manifolds, and generalizes some foundational results for compact Kähler manifolds to the non-integrable setting. I will also explain Lie-algebra analogues of the theory which provide useful computational tools for compact Lie groups and nilmanifolds.
Divendres 16 de novembre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Diletta Martinelli
School of Mathematics
Edinburgh, Escòcia (UK)

marti.lahoz at
On the geometry of contractions of the Moduli Space of sheaves of a K3 surface I will describe how recent advances have made possible to study the birational geometry of hyperkaehler varieties of K3-type using the machinery of wall-crossing and stability conditions on derived categories as developed by Tom Bridgeland. In particular Bayer and Macrì relate birational transformations of the moduli space M of sheaves of a K3 surface X to wall-crossing in the space of Bridgeland stability conditions Stab(X). I will explain how it is possible to refine their analysis to give a precise description of the geometry of the exceptional locus of any birational contractions of M.
Divendres 23 de novembre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Bernd Sturmfels
Max Plank Institut Leipzig, Alemanya

cdandrea at
Moment Varieties of Polytopes The moments of the uniform distribution on a convex polytope are rational functions in its vertex coordinates. We study the projective varieties parametrized by these moments. This is work with Kathlen Kohn and Boris Shapiro. On our journey, we encounter Hankel determinantal ideals, splines, cumulants, multisymmetric functions, and invariants of nonreductive groups. While moment varieties are complicated, they offer many nice open problems. Article
Dilluns 26 de novembre, 15h, aula T1, FMI-UB
Vincenzo Antonelli
Politecnico di Torino, Itàlia

miro at
Ulrich bundles on Hirzebruch surfaces Ulrich bundles on a projective variety are vector bundles that admit a completely linear resolution as sheaves on the projective space. They carry many interesting properties and they are the simplest one from the cohomological point of view. In this talk we characterize Ulrich bundles of any rank on polarized rational ruled surfaces over P¹. We show that every Ulrich bundle admits a resolution in terms of line bundles. Conversely, given an injective map between suitable totally decomposed vector bundles, we show that its cokernel is Ulrich if it satisfies a vanishing in cohomology. Finally we discuss some particular cases and we construct examples of indecomposable Ulrich bundles.
Divendres 30 de novembre, 15h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
Enrico Carlini
Politecnico di Torino, Itàlia

alessandro.oneto at
Hilbert function of double points Hilbert functions of zero dimensional schemes, reduced or not, play a crucial role in many areas of mathematics: from Waring ranks of forms to identifiability of tensors. However, while we have a very good understanding of the reduced case, we know very little in the not reduced case. In this talk we will explore the situation with a special focus to double points in the plane.
Divendres 30 de novembre, 16h, Aula T2, FMI-UB
FACARD 2019 Workshop 16 a 18 de gener, IMUB
Paula Escorcielo
Universidad de Buenos Aires

cdandrea at
A version of Putinar's Positivstellensatz for cylinders Let f be a polynomial in n variables with real coefficients. Assume f is positive (non-negative) in a basic closed semialgebraic set S, a certificate of the positivity (non-negativity) of f in S is an expression that makes evident this fact. For example, Hilbert's 17-th problem states that if a polynomial is non-negative in Rn, it can be written as a sum of squares of rational functions, which is a certificate of the non-negativity of f in Rn. It is well-known that Krivine's Positivstellensatz (which states necessary and sufficient conditions for a polynomial system of equations and inequations to have no solution in Rn) implies Hilbert's 17-th problem.
There are also other versions of Positivstellensatz, which hold on particular situations. For instance, Putinar's Positivstellensatz states that given g1, ..., gs polynomials in n variables with real coefficients such that the quadratic module M(g1, ..., gs) generated by g1, ..., gs is archimedean, every polynomial f which is positive on the basic closed semialgebraic subset S of Rn where g1, ..., gs are non-negative, belongs to M(g1, ..., gs). The archimedeanity assumption on M(g1, ..., gs) implies that the set S is compact.
In this talk, we will present a version of Putinar's Positivstellensatz in the case that the underlying basic closed semialgebraic set is not compact but a cylinder of type SxR.
This is a joint work with Daniel Perrucci.
Dilluns 18 de febrer, 15h, FMI-UB
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