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Catalan is the official language at the University of Barcelona, and is therefore used in all the University’s institutional and administrative affairs. Teaching is conducted in both Catalan and Spanish, which are Catalonia’s official languages. But while it seeks to guarantee its students the standardised use of Catalan, the University's increasingly international involvement and its participation in interuniversity mobility programs have led it to adopt language policies that also foster the study and use of other languages, to consolidate the UB's presence as a multilingual institution.

On the other hand, it is also true that the UB's students and teachers may exercise their individual rights to use the language they prefer, for studying and for teaching, for written assignments and for all oral communication: a student may choose, for example, to write course assignments and complete exam papers in one of these two languages even while that student's teacher has taught classes and given lectures in the other language.

Normally, before the beginning of the academic year and for the benefit of new students, the university’s different faculties and university schools announce the language(s) of instruction for the different courses they will teach, and these courses will be taught in these languages for the remainder of the year. Finally, those students who do not understand Catalan have the opportunity to study an intensive Beginner's course in Catalan language during the last two weeks before the beginning of each semester, and can also make use of the activities organized by the Language Services in its Language resource program. For further information on the dates when these courses are run, the faculties and schools where they are held and the forms needed to enrol, consult the Language Services home page.

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