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Self-Learning Language Centres

The Catalan Language Service has six Self-Learning Language Centres where you can find all kinds of teaching material, such as:

Most of our exercise sheets are self-correcting: you can set your own pace, and follow the most suitable method for your needs. You will also have an adviser at your disposal and, of course, other learners to practise or to share experiences with. Conversation groups are encouraged: your adviser will help you form a group.

You can set your objectives according to your needs. You can: 

    *Attend classes at your school.
    *Read books on your own speciality.
    *Speak Catalan with your Catalan friends.
Material at the centre is organized according to levels of difficulty and to the skills you want to practise. This will help you to achieve the goal you have set for yourself: you can do the work that has been adapted to your language level and that will help you reach your personal  objectives. Moreover, you will find exercise sheets on file that provide practice in the skills you need: understanding, reading, speaking or writing.

You can attend the centre on any day and stay as long as you want. It is a free service you can use at your own learning pace, or as a supplement to your lessons, whether you are attending a Catalan language course or not.

 The University of Barcelona has six self-learning language centres.

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