C. Frías-López, J. F. Sánchez-Herrero, M. A. Arnedo, A. Sánchez-Gracia, J. Rozas
Universitat de Barcelona
First Release: Version 1.0.01 --September 20, 2016
Current Release: Version 1.0.3 --January 23, 2018

The development of molecular markers is one of the most important challenges in phylogenetic and genome wide population genetics studies, especially in studies with non-model organisms. Highly promising approach for obtaining suitable markers are the utilization of genomic partitioning strate-gies for the simultaneous discovery and genotyping of a large number of markers. Unfortunately, not all markers obtained from these approaches provide enough information for solving multiple evolutionary questions at a reasonable taxonomic resolution.

We have developed DOMINO, a bioinformatics tool for informative marker development from both NGS data and pre-computed sequence alignments. The application implements popular NGS tools with new utilities in a highly versatile pipeline specifically designed to discover or select personalized markers at different levels of taxonomic resolution. These markers can be directly used to study the taxa surveyed for their design, utilized for further downstream PCR amplification in a broader set taxonomic scope, or exploited as suitable templates to bait design for target DNA enrichment techniques.

Workflow (PDF)
Documentation (PDF)

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Since we have very limited funds for the maintenance of this software, can not garantee a full support. Nevertheless, we are also working in the development of a new implementation of DOMINO (including other features). We will announce it through this (and other) channels.