Ignasi Llobera Trias

He has recently obtained his PhD in Moral Philosophy with International Mention (2014, UB), with his thesis: The Other-regarding Virtues in Contemporary Ethics.

After completing a first degree in Philosophy (2008, Extraordinary Prize of Degree) and a Master’s degree in Contemporary Thought (2009) at the Unviersity of Barcelona (UB), and winning different scholarships from both the UB and La Caixa, Ignasi Llobera started studying for a Doctorate (2009/13) at the same university for which he has won an important scholarship for his research (FPU) from the Spanish Ministry of Education. His project of research, directed by Prof. Margarita Mauri, is devoted to the field of the contemporary virtue ethics. Llobera spent two years abroad as a visiting researcher: in 2009/10, at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland), working under Prof. John Haldane; in 2010/11, at the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA), working under Prof. David Solomon, where he maintained regular interviews with Alasdair MacIntyre himself. Since 2001, he is back at the University of Barcelona (2011/13) working on his PhD dissertation, teaching at the Faculty of Philosophy, and actively participating at the research group Στάγειρα – Aristotelian Studies of Practical Philosophy.

Research topics: 

Practical philosophy, its history and relationship with literature.


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