Consolida’t is a program that offers a complete itinerary of training and personalized advice completely free of charge to self-employed workers and micro-enterprises. It is part of the Departament de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


According to the results of the impact evaluation of the Consolida’t program, it has been shown that in the various editions, participation in this program improves the business continuity of the self-employed.

Starts on: March 2021


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Help freelances to expand and consolidate their businesses. Find alternatives to grow, better manage your activities, personal time, personal, social networks, etc.




  • Self-employed workers.
  • Economically dependent autonomous workers (TRADE).
  • People registered as self-employed and integrated into a private civil society, a community of assets or a limited company (with less than 4 people hired and a turnover of less than 500,000.00 euros).
  • Self-employed persons who have ceased their activity as a self-employed person and want to carry out a new business project.


The program lasts 10 months and will be taught online (2 days a week). It consists of training capsules of mandatory and non-mandatory content. It also has personalized advisory sessions and the development of a professional improvement work plan.

  • Personal growth in search of one’s own strength
  • Networking and attracting new clients: online work
  • Management of economic activity COVID table
  • Budgeting and business management
  • Teleworking and effective time management
  • Empathizing the new communication
  • Marketing and digitization of businesses
  • Income statement
  • Treasury
  • Commercial management and customer service offline and online
  • Legal and documentary aspects of the self-employed