Innovation Day

The iDay (Innovation Days) is an initiative of EIT Health led by Imperial College London, which welcomes and organizes the University of Barcelona. 

During the program, participants will seek solutions to real life challenges. They will share the experience with participants from different disciplines, backgrounds and backgrounds, and will have the tools and advice necessary to develop solutions.


In addition, the best projects of the day will be candidates for 4 prizes:

31th October – 7th November

Expected dedication per day: 30-45 min. (flexitime)

Additional information


The purpose of this initiative is to encourage and promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Health industry amongst students. During the i-Day, participants will be able to tackle real life challenges in healthy leaving and active ageing. They will also share the experience with participants from a variety of disciplines, origins and backgrounds and will be provided the necessary tools and coaching to develop the solutions.


Online Event Methodology:
It will be based on a virtual escape room in which the participants must complete missions to deactivate the information related to the work methodology. Through gamification, participants will work on competencies such as teamwork and personal development.


i-Day Barcelona will invite inspirational speakers and experts in the field of health innovation. Multidisciplinary teams will be formed to develop real and viable innovations, compete for i-Day prizes and learn practical skills in innovation! In particular, four prizes will be awarded amongst the participating teams and the team with the most sparkling solution will participate in the European Winners event. 


At the Winners event, participants will meet fellow EIT Health Innovation Day winners from universities across Europe, and will further develop their ideas with the support from experienced business developers


Undergraduate, master and doctorate students of the UB and other Catalan universities, active professionals and anyone who wants to participate


Date: Pending confirmation